Aug 18, 2021 06:00 (UTC)

[Event] 2021 Summer Event: Salamander Solstice

With the weather getting hotter and hotter, cool off with Bless Unleashed PC’s special Salamander Solstice event!

Every year when the Salamanders appear, merchants of the Salamander Festival Committee gather to host a festival for all of Lumios to enjoy.

Take part for your chance to obtain amazing rewards such as the unique Salamander weapon appearances, and Passionate Beach Swimsuit and Headwear costumes. A variety of special rewards and benefits are also lined up so don’t miss out!

● Salamander Solstice Event Schedule


▶ Event Period

- August 18th  6PM  - September 15th, 6PM (PDT) 
- August 19th 3AM - September 16th, 3AM (CEST)

Event 1: Salamander Hunt

During the event period, Salamanders and their Flame Saurin protectors will appear all over the world of Lumios.

  - Salamander & Flame Saurin


Defeat event monsters to obtain Salamander Coins (event coins) 

that can be exchanged for a variety of rewards at the Salamander Solstice Event Merchant.

In addition to Salamander Coins, Salamanders and Flame Saurins may also drop Salamander Nest Map Fragments when defeated. Gather 8 pieces and bring them to an Event Cartographer to restore them into Salamander Treasure Maps. Follow the treasure map to find even more event coins!


- Event monsters may spawn at a chance when killing normal monsters.

▶ Summer Event Merchants Jinjin and Mantha


Tip: Unused coins will remain in the user’s inventory even after the event ends, and can be used again when the event is held in the future.



Event 2. Summer Fishing Competition

For players who aren’t into hunting, they can take part in the summer event fishing competition!
While participating in the fishing competition, catch and salvage the three summer event fishes Clown Anemonefish, Large-Eye Dentex, and Jewelfish to obtain event coins.

- Summer event fish can only be caught at the Tremont Fishing Hole in Sperios.
- The summer event fishing competition held at the Tremont Fishing Hole in Sperios lasts from August 17th 6PM - September 15th, 6PM (PDT) / August 18th 3AM - September 16th, 3AM (CEST).

[Summer Event Notes]
- The ​​Salamander Solstice Event Merchant and Salamander Solstice Map Merchant will continue to be available in-game until 1 week after the event ends for users to exchange remaining event coins for rewards.
- The Passionate Beach Swimsuit and Headwear costume, and Salamander weapon appearance rewards may be obtained at a chance whenever the Salamander Solstice Event Chest II is used.
* Participation in the event does not guarantee receipt of rewards. These rewards are not participation rewards.


Special Summer Event Content★

1. Salamander Totem

Check out the Salamander Totems that appeared on Lumios!

Use 100 Salamander Coins at the totem to obtain a random buff. This buff will not only be applied to you, but also every character located within 8m of the totem. Make use of this event feature to obtain and share buffs with your party members!

Using the totem offers the chance to randomly obtain one of a variety of possible buffs, such as the popular Attack Power increase, Critical Hit Rate increase, and PvE XP increase.

If you would like to change the buff obtained, simply visit the Salamander Totem and interact with it again after a 3 minute cooldown.

※ Please note that although the buff applied can be changed by interacting with the Salamander Totem again, this will also change the buffs applied to each player located within 8m.


2. Shabiki Ice Sculpture
Connect to the game everyday and interact with the Shabiki Ice Sculpture for your daily Salamander Solstice Event Chest II!

Take advantage of this daily reward benefit to increase your chances of obtaining the event costume and weapon appearances from the Salamander Solstice Event Chest II!

Shabiki Ice Sculptures are located in Carzacor, Navarra, the Gnoll Wastes, Tristezza, and Sperios.

※ There is a cooltime of 22 hours after each time you interact with the Shabiki Ice Sculpture.

3. Burning Ore

Don’t pass by the next time you see the fiery Burning Ore!

Mining the Burning Ore would cause an event monster to appear. Defeat the monster protecting the ore to obtain Salamander Coins and even Salamander Nest Map Fragments!

※ Notes: Burning Ore appears at random after normal ore has been mined.


4. Salamander Takeover: Every Friday/Saturday/Sunday (8PM - 9PM)

For one hour every evening on the weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday), 

more Salamanders will appear all over the world.

From 8PM - 9PM every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the event period, watch out for additional Salamanders appearing all over the world. Band together with your allies to hunt down the Salamanders and obtain even more event coins!

● Summer Salamander Solstice Event Rewards

The Summer Salamander Solstice event features the refreshing Passionate Beach Swimsuit and Headwear as well as the attractive Salamander weapon appearances as main rewards.

Purchase the Salamander Solstice Event Chest II from event merchants for your chance to obtain the main event rewards.

In terms of the Passionate Beach Swimsuit and Headwear, the costume will also be sold in the Lumena shop during the event period to offer an alternative method of obtaining the costume.

Other rewards such as the new Fish and Fish recipe and Tremont Fishing Rod can be purchased from the event merchant using Salamander Coins.

The Salamander Solstice event will be held for around 1 month, so we hope that everyone can participate and have a great time!

Thank you.

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