16, Oct, 2020 01:00:00

Producer's Letter


To our passionate and devoted players,

I would like to express the deepest gratitude to everyone who was able to participate in our recent Bless Unleashed Steam Stress Test. Despite the short testing window, we were able to obtain valuable insights and verify the technical aspects during the testing period which would aid in more stable service for our PC launch. 


And the studio still holds dearly to the promise we made with our players and community in improving Bless Unleashed PC based on the feedback and suggestions from our users. And as always, we are still actively monitoring and reviewing feedback provided to us currently and foreseeable futures in our upcoming tests to accurately pinpoint areas of improvements needed for the successful PC launch of Bless Unleashed.


And with that, I would like to briefly share with you the direction we are headed with the improvements based on our recent testing.


1. In-game UI/UX Improvements for friendlier, more accessible controls for PC

  • The studio is well aware of the current work-in-progress UI/UX portion of the game. Due to Bless Unleashed's original design for being optimized for the console platform, we are currently making drastic improvements to feel comfortable and compatible with our PC users. And the countless feedback received during the short testing period has been a great asset in guiding the direction of our UI/UX improvements. We will be continuously monitoring player feedback on the matter in our future testing to provide our players with the most optimized game experience for our PC users.


2. Feedback regarding Combat Speed.

  • Improvements regarding the combat speed will be made in time for our PC launch. To explain briefly, options to increase the combat speed will be implemented which players can unlock by collecting various items and pieces of equipment. Also, players will be able to upgrade specific Blessings which will also improve the overall speed of the combat. This would provide a new type of combat experience to our players and the studio is aggressively accelerating the development process for this feature for our PC launch.


3. Discomfort in the combat controls/flow

  • The objective of the recent Stress Test was to verify the technical aspects of the game to provide a smoother, more optimized gameplay environment to our players. This forced us to funnel all of our players into one server which was located in North America at the time of the testing. This caused high ping and latency issues for users outside of North America. But our next upcoming tests will have appropriate region-based servers in place which will address the issue.


4. Graphic Quality/Optimization

  • The initial graphic settings are to be set automatically based on the player’s PC hardware configuration. There was an issue where the initial graphic settings were set in Low settings for a specific cohort of graphic cards. And as we announced through the in-game announcement, adjusting the Graphic settings would fix the issue. But we are fixing the issue so the automatic graphic settings for the initial start of the game are functioning properly for the specific graphic cards.

5. Game Guides

  • Unfortunately, the Game Guide was not displayed before the Testing period. The delay was due to the preparation of supporting various languages for the game. But we are currently in-progress to reinforce the current game guides and have it openly accessible before our upcoming beta testings. We are committed to providing in-depth, comprehensive game-related guides to our players.


As mentioned above, the studio is reviewing every single feedback and suggestion from our recent testing concurrently designing and developing new content for future updates. While all the feedback may not be implemented, our strive to make adjustments and improvements to the game based on our player base is always on-going.


Again, thank you all for your participation, and hope to see you all in our upcoming CBT and official launch of Bless Unleashed PC.


Koven Park, Production Director - Round 8 Studio