Nov 10, 2021 08:57 (UTC)

(complete) Server Maintenance - November 10th (PST)

Greetings Adventurers,

We will be undergoing maintenance to improve service quality.
Please refer to the details below.


■ Server Maintenance
- Schedule: November 10th 03:30PM ~ 06:40PM (PST) / November 11th 00:30AM - 3:40AM (CET)
- Affected Regions: All regions
- Major Maintenance Details:

1. Respawning interval of the field unique bosses will be slightly shorter.
2. The amount of Gathering nodes will be slightly increased.
3. Drop rate of S-tier equipment in Lv.35 Time Dungeon will be increased.
4. S-tier equipment(‘Secondary Weapon’, ‘Helm’, ‘Shoulder’, ‘Belt’, ‘Gloves’, ‘Shoes’) will be added to the sales list of Battlefield Merchant.
5. [Weekly Enhancement Support Event - November] A-tier Repair Tools(Not tradable) will be added to the sales list of Limited Merchant.
[EVENT] Weekly Enhancement Support Event - November #1

- Some bugs will be fixed.
- Server stability will be performed.

The details will be announced through the Patch Notes after maintenance.

※ Notes
- Connections to the game will be terminated as soon as maintenance begins, and players will not be able to connect to the game during maintenance.
- Maintenance may change, be extended or end early according to the situation.


[Maintenance Reward Items]

■ Reward Period
- After November 10th Maintenance ~ November 11th 7PM (PST) / After November 11th Maintenance ~ November 12th 4AM (CET)

* Items will be given at the game access stage through Mail.

■ Rewards Item
- Elixir of Haste x 2
- Recovery Scroll x 5
ㄴ Bless Lucky Chest x 3

※ Notes
- Maintenance Reward Items will be given once per account.
- Maintenance Reward Items will be given to the Mailbox of the first character to access the game during the reward period.
- Maintenance Reward items can only be received if you access the game during the reward period.

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