Apr 07, 2022 10:30 (UTC)

[ Patch Notes ] April 7, 2022

Greetings Adventurers!

This is Bless Unleashed PC. The server maintenance has concluded. Thank you for your patience.


Server Routine Maintenance

Anti-Cheat Program Update

If the error message "Easy Anti-Cheat is not installed." appears after the update, please follow the instructions below:

* Steam->Game->View game library and select "Bless Unleashed"
* Right-click "Bless Unleashed "->Properties->Local Files->Verify the Integrity of Game Files
* Click to verify the game files, and you can enter the game after completion.

Lumena Store Update

New packages:

* Tycoon Package, Combat Support Package, Enchant Support Package I, Enchant Support Package II, Backpack & Warehouse Package, Skill Growth Package, Business Trip Package

New items:

* Relic Core Box (2000), Gold Chest (200000), Star Seed Chest (20000), Unbinding Scroll, Empire’s Unbinding scroll, Precision Repair Tool, Artisan Repair Tool, Class Point Reset Ticket, Reset Skill Growth, Marketplace Favorite Slots Extension Ticket, Bonus Gold Ticket (7 days), Bonus Hunting Exp Increase Ticket (7 days), Bonus SXP Ticket (7 days), Telepost Discount Ticket (7 days), 40% Star Seed Exchange Ticket (7 days), Marketplace Fee discount Ticket (7 days), Memory Fragment VI, Memory Fragment V, Telepost Ticket

Some items removed from the limited store:

*Elixir of Swiftness, Limited-time Dungeon Rewards Ticket, Card: Guardian of Honor, Card: Avengers Bloody (weapon, hat) Costume, Gold Box (medium , lower qualities), Star Seed Box (lower quality), Memory Fragment VI, Precision Repair Tool, Repair Tool, Character Slot Extension Ticket, Guild Rename Ticket, Marketplace Favorites Slot Extension Ticket, Account Warehouse Extension Ticket, Warehouse Extension Ticket, Relic Core Bag (Small), Backpack Extension Ticket, Marketplace Fee Ticket (14 days, 30 days), 40% Star Seed Exchange Ticket (7 days), Bonus Gold Ticket (7 days), Bonus Hunting EXP Ticket (7 days), Bonus SXP Ticket (7 days), Remote Exchange Manager Summoning Ticket, Pacifism Manifesto (1 hour), Pocket Mail Summoning Ticket, Telepost Ticket, First Aid Book

Battlefield Support Event: After the battle ends, you could get triple the amount of victory coins as the rewards

Thank you for your understanding and support, if there is any problem in the game, please feel free to contact us.

Bless Unleashed VALOFE Team

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