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Global CBT Details


With only days away, we are more excited than ever for Bless Unleashed PC's 2nd CBT.
Here are some additional details.


The 2nd CBT is a global CBT that will be held for 5 days to test Bless Unleashed PC in general.

We are currently preparing various regions so that the test will progress smoothly despite using one game build in a global environment. For the best experience, be sure to pre-download the game and double check the CBT schedule before participating.


Thank you to everyone who signed up to participate!


■ Tester Guide


■ Bless Unleashed PC Participation Rewards

  • Golden Hyaenodon mount given only to CBT participants
  • In-game title "Breaker of Games" 
  • 50,000 Star Seeds + 200,000 Gold
  • Valor Perks 7 Days (In-game item) 

 * CBT participation rewards will be delivered at official launch.


■ Support Center
 1) FAQ & Game Guide

  • The CBT FAQ and Game Guide can be found on the Support page of Bless Unleashed PC's official website.
  • Please refer to the FAQ and Game Guide if you have any questions related to the CBT.
    • Game Guide:

 2) 1:1 Inquiry

  • Bless Unleashed PC Official Website > Support > Click "1:1 Inquiry"
  • Please select the relevant category and provide additional information on the inquiry submission page.


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Thank you.