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[Final Test] Steam Playtest Participation Guide

Starting March 11th, anyone who wants to participate in the Final Test in May can register without restrictions through the Playtest feature on the Steam platform.

You can also experience the updated contents of “Bless Unleashed PC : Awakened” introduced through the weekly announcements.

We hope to see everyone participate in the Final Test.

Please note that the Final Test participation guide for the official website will be announced in early April.

Check out the details below.


[Bless Unleashed PC Final Test - Steam Participation Guide]

■ Final Test Schedule:  In May

■ Platform:  Steam, Official website

■ How to participate

   The participation of the Final Test is open to anyone who selected “Bless Unleashed - Beta Test” in Steam or registered on the official website.

         ♦ Steam Platform

             1. Go to the Bless Unleashed steam page via the link below, and click “Request Access” under “Add to your wishlist” to request for participation.

                 Steam Store link :

             2. You will receive an email from Steam when you are granted access to the Playtest. You can also see your request status on the store page.

             3. When the Final Test starts, install the client of “Bless Unleashed - Beta Test” located in the Library and launch the game.


             4. If you participate in the Steam Playtest of the Final Test, a separate Playtest app will be added to the Library.

                 Install the app and join the Final Test on the schedule that will be announced in April.

         ♦ Official Website

            The participation guide of the Final Test through the official website will be announced via the official website and community channels in early April.

■ Etc

   All Steam KEYS provided during the Stress Test and the previous CBT will be deactivated in March.


The Final Test will consist of fundamental changes and improvements, so we hope to see everyone there.

If you have any questions regarding the participation guide, kindly inquire through our official community channels or our official website customer support.


Thank you.

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