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Bless Unleashed PC News Notifications Feature Guide


Players will be notified of relevant news via Google Calendars.

Add Bless Unleashed's official Gmail calendar to receive notifications for events.

Check the details below.


■ How to add official calendar
 1) A Gmail account is required to add the official account's calendar.
     Click the link below to add the official account's calendar to your personal calendar.

    * Bless Unleashed's official calendar link:


 2) Once you add Bless Unleashed's official calendar, the schedule set by the official account will be displayed and you will receive notifications.


 3) If you turn on the notifications of the official calendar, you will be notified ahead of the official schedules under the notification settings you defined.
     Notification can be turned off anytime in settings or by unsubscribing to the calendar.


■ How to turn on notifications for the official calendar
 1) Click menu > "Settings" on the official calendar

 2) You can change the notification settings in "Event notifications" and "All-day event notifications" on the left.
     - Event notifications: Notification settings by weeks/days/hours/minutes.
     - All-day event notifications: Notification settings by weeks/days.


 * If you choose to delete the official calendar, you can 'unsubscribe' from "other calendars" on the left side of the calendar page.


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