08, Nov, 2020 02:33:00

Known Issues (November 8 03:00 UTC)


Here we are sharing the issues currently occurring in Bless Unleahsed PC.
The team is working hard to resolve them and will continue to provide updates as they become available.


[New Issues]
#1. The Matchmaking for Lv. 24 "Arena Challenge (2 Players): The Cursed Knight" cannot be processed with saying "The matchmaking is under maintenance".

  • "The Cursed Knight" Dungeon is not included in the CBT contents.
  • We apologize for not informing ahead. Check the currently available Dungeon list below.
Matchmaking Type Dungeon Required Level
Arena Challenge
(2 Players)
Holy Trial 5
Emperor of Roots 10
Mercenary Remnos 15
Gnoll Triumvirate 17
Corrupted Creation 21
Lair Challenge
(5 Players)
Bloody Arena 22
Putrid Canyon 24
(5 Players)
Kobold Lair - Infernal Kitchen 20




[Resolved Issues]
#1. Disconnecting from the server after the Dream Dungeon - 11/07 00:00~01:10 Maintenance

  • Some characters are getting disconnected from the server after completing the Dream Dungeon.
  • Can resume normal gameplay after logging in again.


Thank you.