Sep 09, 2021 12:13 (UTC)

(Korean Language Only) Official Live Stream - September 10th


Greetings Adventurers,


We will be holding an official Live Streaming with Dev’s team on September 10th 03:00.
Through this Live Streaming, we are going to respond to the player’s questions for Bless Unleashed PC and share the direction of the future updates.

Based on the questions from players through various global community channels, we are going to have a close communication with you through [Answer to the Pre-Question] section, where major questions can be solved, and [Live Q&A] section, where you can ask a question to Dev’s team in live.
We will also be sharing the upcoming update on September 15th. Look forward to it!

* As this Live Streaming will be in Korean, we will share the Streaming details in English, Chinese and Japanese within September.



º Schedule : September 10th, 2021 03:00 ~ 04:30 (PDT)
º Streaming Platform : Official Twitch of Bless Unleashed
▶ Official Twitch of Bless Unleashed

º Programme

  1. Answer to the Pre-Question
  2. Update on September 15th
  3. Live Q&A

We hope this opportunity can give us more chances to communicate with you. Hope to see you all!

Thank you.

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