Sep 10, 2021 11:10 (UTC)

Thank You for Watching the Official Live Streaming (EVENT Notice)


Greetings Adventurers,


Through the official Live streaming today, it was our great opportunity to know your opinion from the close and direct communication with you.


Based on the feedback you shared, we will make extra efforts to create a better world of Bless Unleashed PC.


Also, the content of the Live Q&A made during the streaming will be translated into each language and shared to the players from global regions within September.


We thank all the global players for watching the streaming although it was in Korean, and will update you shortly.


As we promised for various gifts during the streaming,

here we prepared some gifts for all players as well as the players who watched the streaming.


■ Live Streaming Special Gift


- First Gift [Buff: SXP Gain +100%] : Applied to all regions immediately

   ㄴ Check out the upgraded weekend event.

- Second Gift [Superior Bless Breath x 30] : Sent via in-game Mail

- Third Gift [Card: Twitch Axe Beak] : Sent via in-game Mail

▲ Twitch Axe Beak (Mount)


We also ask your feedback regarding the official Live Streaming today for our improvement until the next streaming.


Again, we thank you all for watching the streaming!

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