Sep 15, 2021 07:06 (UTC)

Bless Unleashed PC Official Live Stream Q&A Summary

Greetings Adventurers, 

Thank you for joining us for our official live stream last week held on September 10th, it was an amazing opportunity for us to communicate with our players.

For those who missed the stream or would like a refresher, the list of questions and corresponding answers are available below.

[Live Q&A]

1. Ring of the Whispering Serpent God

 - For players who worked hard to put together the Ring of the Whispering Serpent God runes, we will aim to apply as soon as possible, a system that allows for runes to be re-rolled so players will have chances to switch runes. 

2. Implementation of Skill Presets

 - The skill preset function is currently being developed, and will be revealed as soon as it is ready. 

 - As expected, players can set up skills and Blessings in advance so it can be changed right away. 

3. Selling the Cosmetic Change Voucher in the Lumena Shop as a Standalone Product

 - Changes will be made so that it will be sold in the Lumena Shop.

4. Berserker Class Bug Fixes 

- Bugs related to the Berserker’s Shoulder Slam and charging will be fixed with a patch in the near future.

5. Blessing Convenience

- Changes are being made so that one combat Blessing and one Livelihood Blessing can be equipped at a time. 

6. Jumping with the Ctrl Button 

- Since evade is an important action in the game, it was assigned to the spacebar. Please note that it can be changed through key customization.

7. Deal Meter (DPS Measurer)

 - There is no realtime deal meter.

 - However, since players need to be able to check Blessing mechanisms, we will prepare an instanced area for testing and monitoring one’s skills.

8. Improving the Game Guide

 - We are aware that the game guide needs to be worked on. We will continue to perform improvements so that it will be a better resource for our players.

9. Female Costumes for the Ippin

 - In addition to male costumes, we are also developing female costumes, and will share it with our players once complete.

10. Hiding Weapon Costumes

- We are working on a function for hiding weapon costumes.

11. Dyeing Costumes

- The structure of dyeing equipment and dying costumes is different, making it difficult for us to take action quickly, however we will review this issue internally. 

12. Marketplace Rigging 

- Discussions are ongoing with the developers about the marketplace. In addition to preventing real money trading, we will do our best to make sure that normal players will not be negatively affected through continuous patches.

13. Race Change Voucher

 - There are no plans for a Race Change Voucher. It is a difficult feature to implement because some races cannot be used with certain classes.

14. Roadmap/ Content / New Class 

 - We plan to reveal our future roadmap sometime in September. More details will be available with the roadmap.

15. Premium Benefits Standalone Product

 - There has been feedback asking that Premium Benefits be sold as a standalone product. As a result we have been making the necessary preparations, and it will be purchasable beginning 9/16. 

16. Maintenance Reward

 - The current rewards were put together with the early days of release in mind. We will review ways to improve the rewards.

17. Voiceovers

 - Voiceovers for cutscenes and NPCs are being discussed within the dev team. We’ll provide updates once a decision has been made. 

18, Ability to Skip Dungeon Videos

 - The internal structure of videos in the dungeon makes it difficult to skip, however we will review the issue to see if it is skippable.

19. Updating Fishing Content 

 - We plan to add a variety of fishing related quests as well as new fishes.

20. Class Roles

- The roles of tanker, dealer, and healer are not strong in Bless Unleashed. Instead there are skills that can complement each class based on the character’s concept, which prevents gameplay that strongly focuses on class roles.

21. Adjusting Minimal Dungeon Rewards

- We have taken note of feedback stating that dungeon rewards are boring, and are having internal discussions about increasing the rewards. 

22. Attack Speed Weapon

 - It won’t be available with S grade items, but we plan to add it to high difficulty dungeons later on. In addition to weapons, we are also planning accessories with the Attack Speed effect.

23. Single Player Dungeon

- Single player dungeon is currently in development. It will be something like an arena but fighting with monsters instead. We are thinking of utilizing a Time Attack system to allow players to compete with each other.

24. PVP and Guild Content

 - Guild war content is being developed with the concept of it being in a field like space where multiple guild members have to capture a specific area.

25. Collection System

 - We do not have any plans for any collection type system, however discussions may proceed depending on player feedback. However our concern is that implementing a certain system will cause stress to our players.

26. Unable to Search for Guilds

- Being unable to search for guilds is a bug. We will fix this quickly.

27. Class Balance

- Class balance changes made in the 9/8 PT patch are the first or many upcoming class balance patches.

28. Barrier to Starting Estate Content

 - There are obstacles up until a specific level, but we’ll work to make estate content more accessible. 

29. Duels

 - This is currently being developed under the name of 1 vs.1 duels, and will be ready in an update soon. Players can think of it as a friendly 1vs1

30. Battlefield Matchmaking and Rewards Upgrade

 - PvP balance will be improved, rewards upgraded so that matchmaking is easier for battlefield content.

31. Camera Sensitivity

- Preparations will be made so that sensitivity can be set for combat and non-combat mode.

32. Nickname Change Voucher

 - A nickname change voucher is currently in the works, and we are planning to sell it on the Lumena Shop. 

33. Costume Preview

 -  Players can try on costumes in the Lumena Shop.

34. Notoriety Abuse 

-  We are looking into abuse involving Notoriety, and will perform updates to stop the abuse.

35. Releasing a Santa Sleigh Mount for the Winter Season 

- It won’t be a sleight mount, but a Roudolph mount is prepared.

36. Player to Player Trading System

- A player to player trading system is not being considered due to the risks of issues such as real money trading.

37. Marketplace Fee

- The Marketplace fee can be reduced by using the Marketplace Discount Ticket. We think that the fee isn't too high when compared with other games. However, we will review this again based on your questions.

38. Equipment Elemental Damage

 - Elemental damage is additional damage that ignores the target’s defense. Some monsters have a specific elemental weakness, allowing even more damage to be dealt. 

39. Skill Effect Improvements

- Due to the FX skill effect for each class being overdone, it is sometimes difficult to discern the monsters’ patterns. Continual improvements will be made to address this issue.

40. 10-Player Raid Content

 - 10-Player raid is in development, and will be updated once ready.

41. Level Scaling Improvements

 - Level scaling for dungeons will continue to be worked on to alleviate the issue.

42. Secondary Job System and New Class 

- We do not have plans for a secondary job system at the moment, but expedite the release of a new class in the near future.

43. Improvements to the Superior Bless Breaths Drawn with Lumena

 - Internal review will be performed to see if there are points for improving efficiency. 

44. Union Skill

- There was some feedback regarding the Union skill that the increased aggro effect was not visible nor noticeable when used. This will be improved

45. Addition of New Skills

 - New skills may be added when Blessings are also added. We have been continually developing Blessings, and will aim to apply it to the game quickly.

46. Bag Stress

 - We will look into providing an event-type bag product, or increasing the final bag space amount. 

47. Showing your Character ID

 - It is in development and will be applied once complete. 

48. Salvaging Legendary Costumes

 - This was blocked partially to prevent players from accidentally salvaging their legendary costumes by mistake, but we will review the issue to see if modifications can be made regarding convenience. 

49. Feature for Unregistering Registered Costumes 

- We are currently working on a feature that changes registered costumes into costume cards. We are preparing to make it so that unregistrating will generate a card item that can be sold on the Marketplace. 

50. Preview Feature

- We are positively reviewing and will aim to develop a feature that allows players to examine the target’s equipment.

51. Field Drop Rewards

- We are aware that rewards from the field are unsatisfactory. We intend to provide attractive rewards that will increase field enjoyment.

52. Breath Fusion Convenience

 - Improvements will be made for the convenience of Breath fusion by adding a feature that allows multiple fusion at once.

53. Gender Change Voucher

- There are no plans for a Gender Change Voucher.

54. Camera View Adjustment Convenience 

- Development is underway to add the view zoom in/out feature while in photo mode.

55. Improving Mount Movement Speed 

- It is difficult to further increase the current mount’s sprint speed. However it seems possible to increase the amount of sprints for superior mounts. 

56, Campaign 

-  Problems with the campaign are being identified and the difficult parts will be improved to adjust the difficulty level.

57. Same Class in a Party

- We will think about how we would like to proceed, and will let our players know of any changes.

58. Dungeon Berserk

 - This is an obstacle system for players who do not have a certain standard of equipment or aren’t able to understand the patterns. We ask for your understanding as the dungeon berserk system is content that is also present in the console version.

59. Guild Depot

- We plan to continuously improve the functional items in the Guild Depot.

60. Class Bug 

-  We are aware of most of the issues surrounding the classes. Fixes and patches are being quickly applied for cases that we can reproduce, while ones that cannot be reproduced are being investigated in detail. We will continue to look into the issues that cannot be resolved, so we ask for your patience and will provide good updates once possible.

61. Can't Cancel the Berserker Relentless Cleave Skill after the Second Hit

 - Since ‘Relentless Cleave’ provides high damage upon the 3rd hit when fully changed, it was intentionally set so that it doesn’t cancel in the middle. However, the skill can be canceled during the first hit, and depending on the circumstances, players may also choose whether to continue with the 2nd hit. If you are in a situation where you can’t use the skill to the end, we suggest cancelling after the first hit. 

-  We are looking into the issue where the Berserker hesitates for 1-2 seconds when Relentless Cleave is used at full charge and will fix the issue once it has been confirmed.

62. Displaying Party Member HP Bars Above the Character

- We think that this is a necessary feature and have put in a development request.

63. Berserker Blood Leech Skill

- The balance of Blood Leech in console was of extremely high efficiency, therefore allowing unlimited hunting. We will discuss more about the skill’s efficiency in the PC version.

64. Obtaining Mana for Mages

- Modifications are being made to parts of the Mage’s mana to allow skills to be used well. 

65. Restoring Items Through Support 

- Support tickets are currently experiencing a delay, however we understand that item restoration is an important issue and will increase their priority. 

66. Marketplace Fee

- The deposit currently cannot be returned. We will prepare to make changes.

67. Auto-Run Feature for Controllers

- Currently all buttons of the controller are used, but further discussions will be held to determine whether it will be implemented. 

68. Class Balance and Bless Modifications

- We know that not all Blessings are currently balanced correctly. We will continue to update Blessings that have a low efficiency.

69. Making Star Seed Shareable Account-Wide 

- It will be difficult to make Star Seed shareable account-wide.

70. Increasing Max Level and Adding New Regions 

- There are no plans to increase the max level quickly. New regions will be added periodically. 

71. Obtaining the Elixir of Haste

- We will add more ways to obtain the Elixir of Haste when crafting is reformed.

72. Priest Protective Shield UI 

- In order to improve gameplay experience, we will fix an issue where when the Priest casts Protective Shield, the Protective Shield’s UI covers the HP bar. 

73. Efficiency of Defense-related Accessories 

- Currently defense-related accessories are not performing as designed baseline but players can expect to see the importance of the defense-related accessories in the new and upcoming dungeons in the future.

74. Berserker Balance

- We think that instead of being over-balanced, the Berserker is demonstrating overall efficiency.

75. Plans to Add the New Nightwind/ Blind Executioner Blessings

- These Blessings were available on the console version, but have been removed due to the Blessing system being reformed. Development is working to add them in the future.

76. Increasing Field Rewards

- Named monsters are reset weekly due to the superior rewards given, however we will discuss increasing Field Boss rewards.

77. Reentering Dungeons

- An issue where disconnecting while in a dungeon will not allow the player to reenter the dungeon has been identified internally as well, and is currently being fixed. We aim to apply this fix in the next update. 

78. Loyalty

- We will further review the Loyalty rewards and provide updates once available.

[Responses to Previously Collected User Questions] 

■ Class / Balance

Q1. We are curious about the changes to the classes and balance improvements.

- We want to start off by apologizing for the lack of preparation due to the many changes to the game after our Final CBT. Adjustments will be applied all across the board and it will be deployed periodically per content.This also includes PvP, crafting and Estate along with the class balance patch.

Currently, we have identified areas that will be further adjusted in regards to class balance, and our final goal is to remove any form of imbalance for each class. This also includes increasing the performance output of underperforming Blessing skills as well.

Q2. Are the devs aware of each class being fixated on one specific Blessing? What can we expect in the future?

The imbalance between Blessing skills is something we are very much aware of and will be making constant adjustments to maintain a delicate balance. As mentioned briefly, under-performing Blessings and skills will receive an upgrade to meet the standard of other skills. We do not have any plans of adding Mythic grade Blessings at this time, but once it has been confirmed, our playerbase will be notified in advance.

Q3. Actual damage output and the visible damage for certain class skills seem to differ. Is this intended? Also how does defense penetration work in Bless Unleashed?

The Penetration effect is effective against monsters with high defense in PvE, but it was actually a stat meant for PvP. I’m sorry to say, but we weren’t able to completely focus on PvP when we were still in the preparation stages. However defense will be very important once PvP balance is normally applied later on, therefore you can think of this as a counter option to be used for facing players with high defense. 


 Q1. Any reasoning to partake in PvP content and plans to add a PvP related skill-set system?

The next patch will adjust the current PvP balance, and with the upcoming PvP season, season exclusive rewards will be added. Also balance will constantly be adjusted before the official start of the season for overall class balance and fairness. Regarding the skill set system, it is currently being developed and players can expect to see it in a future update.


■ Regarding Dungeon(s) 

 Q1. Other than the recently revealed Nightspire dungeon, are there any plans on releasing new dungeons?

Yes, new dungeons designed for Time Dungeons Lv.35 are currently being developed. In the near future, a higher level Time Dungeon is also being designed. Players can also expect to see dungeons that they can adjust the levels to. This ties in with the various new equipment and rewards that can be obtained from the new upcoming dungeons.

 Q2. When facing a Dungeon Boss, and a player is locked out due to the closed entrance, the only way to participate with all of the team members is to revive back from the Soulpyre. Will this current system be maintained or can we expect some changes in the future? Also, any plans on a 2 - 4 man team being able to enter the dungeons?

To answer the first question, the reason for the current system is that an issue can occur if a revived player is able to immediately re-engage in the boss fights. That being said, we are looking into ways for players to re-engage or enter the dungeon boss fight if they are left out due to the current system.

As for the 5 player dungeon, discussions on developing a system to allow 2-4 man parties to enter a 5 player dungeon are also being discussed.

 Q3. This is regarding the level-scaling system. For example, a Level 35 player is comparatively more advantaged than a level 45 player in the Time Dungeon. What are the dev’s thoughts on this system?

This sort of frustration is completely understandable. 

The initial application for the system was on the basis that as the player’s level increased, so would the equipment equipped to the character. But as mentioned earlier, reducing the difficulty that scales with the level-scaling system, along with the dungeon level adjustment feature, will drastically reduce game-progression fatigue. Once the system settles in, removing the level-scaling system itself will be under review.

■ The status of further UI/UX Improvement

1. The development for PC-optimized UI is currently underway. Due to the size of the development, secondary improvements will be applied to improve the current UI’s for better accessibility.

2. With the recent patch, the number of visible chats in the chat box has increased, but it can be adjusted based on the user’s preference. Ultimately, an overhaul of the chatbox UI/UX is underway, and as stated above, smaller, secondary QoL changes will be applied in the future patches.

3. In the case of the Marketplace, many of our players have expressed their opinions on the difficulty with navigating through the Marketplace. Features such as a search function are currently in development and other options are being thoroughly reviewed.

■ System

Q1. Why can’t all of the game content share a single reset time? (Ancient Altar, Limited Shop, Field Bosses, etc)

This is something we are very well aware of, and previously, almost of all our content shared a single

reset time. However there was a side-effect where it would cause a great amount of stress to the server which caused other issues to the game. But, we will make the appropriate adjustments so that content that shares similar traits will share the same reset time as well.

Q2. There are some frustrations regarding Dungeon matchmaking. Are there any ways to encourage players to actively participate in dungeon matchmaking? This also ties with creating parties, what are the dev’s thoughts on this matter?

We are considering ways to provide additional rewards to dungeons that are less frequently queued.

In addition, requesting or setting up a party through chat seems to be very inconvenient. The studio is discussing ways that are user friendly, and suitable for easier party making.

Q3. Improvements to Crafting

In the case of Crafting, it was not fully supported due to the adjustment that increased level-up speed that was applied at the launch of the game. This created an unintentional wall that our players have to overcome in order to experience the crafting content. (e.g The required amount to craft, and the ingredients needed.)  This will be actively reviewed to provide easier access to the content.


■ Customer Support/Service

Q1. Are the Live Operations team aware of the trending in-game/community issue(s)?

Our days start with each region’s operation team monitoring and acquiring respective in-game and community reports for their respective regions. This is especially important the day of and after a patch has been released.

Not only our Live Operations team, but the devs are also paying close attention to community trends and user feedback, both of which are discussed on a regular basis so we can identify and determine the appropriate course of action and response.

Q2. Customer Support / Ticket Delays

On behalf of the Live Operations team, we apologize for the delayed response to our user’s inquiries through our customer support center.

Being a global service game, we have dedicated CS personnels for specific regions, and even though we have deployed many CS agents it has been proven difficult to reply back to all of the inquiries in a satisfactory standard that our players expect. This is also connected to gold farmers, chatting bans and use of illegal software. This led to many of our Live Operation personnels being on dedicated 24 hour response teams focusing on the above topics until the appropriate sanction systems have been deployed. This certainly had some effect on our responsiveness to user inquiries.

As a result, internal changes are being made to prevent further delay in customer support. The deployment of additional personnel and manpower to effectively provide support to our players are in progress. Once again, we apologize for the delay.

Q3. What are the course of actions to counter and prevent the use of Illegal programs and Hhcks?

Before executing a sanction, three critical procedures are conducted.

First, detecting and analyzing the process on how the illegal programs/hacks function.

Second, deploying safety and prevention measures that essentially breaks the fundamental process of these programs.

Lastly, based on data and game logs, the Live Operations team will do a comprehensive sweep and track down users via a confidential investigation process and apply the necessary sanctions based on our operation policies. 


Q4. What about RMT(Real Money Trading)?

We are fully aware of the RMT operations and transactions going on within the game.

From our investigation, almost all of the accounts that obtained any in-game items through fraud/chargebacks and any forms of abnormal payment transactions are somehow connected to gold farmers and RMT transactions.

Thus, accounts with abnormal payment transactions (Fraud, Chargebacks, excessive refunds, etc) are restricted until thorough investigation has been conducted. Based on our findings, if the account is deemed to partake in RMT transactions, all items associated with the transactions will be removed. The recent changes to the Marketplace are part of the safety feature to prevent RMT operations. Further features are being developed and will be deployed to further combat real money trading operations and gold farmers.

■ Promotions/Platform

Q1. Many of our users and community are requesting further marketing and advertisement for the game. Any thoughts on this topic?

Being that Bless Unleashed is serviced globally, many of our ongoing marketing campaigns are being focused on the major regions and countries.

Our marketing campaigns differ from region to region but overall, we are partaking in popular regional game shows and popular media outlets as well as partnering with streamers/influencers. Not to mention we also coordinate with Steam to increase our platform exposure.

Q2. Any plans in expanding platform service in the future?

While platform expansion is currently being reviewed, our highest priority is focusing on Steam and providing a stable service to our players. Once the service has taken root  and is stable, platform expansion will be a part of our strategy in bringing in new and returning players.

Lastly, the live stream was a great opportunity to communicate directly to our players base and briefly outline some of the updates and changes that our players have been anxious to hear about. We promise to maintain an open, and clear line of communication with our players and try our utmost best to make improvements and changes that our players have been requesting for.

We appreciate everyone for their valuable time and feedback.

Thank you.


Bless Unleashed PC Team.

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