Oct 08, 2021 02:30 (UTC)

Patch Notes - October 7th (PDT)

Greetings Adventurers,

A server patch was performed at around October 7th, 4pm (PDT) / October 8th, 1am (CEST) as a response to issues found in the current game version.
Please check out the details below.

■ Patch Notes


- Changed so that the Costume cards purchased from the Lumena Shop can be traded in the Marketplace.
* Costume cards owned from before maintenance can also be traded.

[Ancient Altar]

- After drawing at Ancient Altar, the number of available draws are displayed on the drawing result screen.


1. Changed so that the only listing fee of sold items will be returned.
* The listing fee for items registered to be sold if they were retrieved or their listing has expired.

2. Changed the Marketplace access limit from level 27, to being accessible in stages.


* Display of Access Limit Information



- Changed the amount of Convert Pyrite and Grinding Stone consumed for crafting from 2 to 1.



1. Fixed a bug where the character doesn’t die even after falling into magma due to getting knocked back by the Unstable Sentry’s self destruct attack in the Time Dungeon “Nightspire - Abyss of Evil”.
2. Fixed a bug where Guild XP Gain was abnormally low in some Time Dungeons.
3. Fixed a bug where the total number of Time Dungeon Reward Booster items is not displayed.
4. Fixed a bug where items stocked in Guild Depot cannot be obtained in the Dungeon.


1. Fixed a bug where the Spider Queen’s pattern involving summoning her minions was not functioning.
2. Fixed a bug where the pile of cocoons summoned by the Twisted Void Spider Queen are sometimes invisible.


■ Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a bug where while the “Protection and Sacrifice” effect of Mark of the Wolf is activated, the effect is removed if a higher level “Shield of Faith” effect is applied. Changed so that the higher level of “Protection and Sacrifice” effect will be applied.

We will continue to do our best in providing the best gameplay experience.
This announcement will be updated, or a new announcement will be made if additional updates are available.

Thank you.

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