Oct 08, 2021 12:09 (UTC)

Bless Unleashed PC Game Guide Update - October 8th, 2021

Greetings Adventurers,

We are back with great news for the Game Guide update!
Check out the update details below and we hope the guides will assist for your game play.

If there are other guide contents you want to add, kindly let us know through our community channels. We will add them in the future updates.

■ New Game Guide

1. Crusades and Invasions

Added the requirements for triggering quests and triggering location.

- Quest guide for Crusades

- Quest guide for Invasions


2. Ancient Weapon

Added the stats by growth level and quest for Ancient weapons.

- Guide for Ancient Weapon


3. Fishing

Added the fishing location for each place and obtainable fishes.

- Guide for Fishing Location and Fishes


■ Updated Game Guide

1) Skills
- Added more details for the skill list

- Added the acquisition of Bless Breath
- Added how to change Blessing

2) Items
- Added the details of Runes

3) Enhancing Equipment
- More details for the acquisition of Ember of Paetion
- Added Unlicensed Enhancement

4) Crafting Items
- More details for upgrading Mastery level

- Added the acquisition of Recipe

5) Gathering

- Added materials and Nodes location

6) Estate

- Added the list of animals for taming and their location

▶ Bless Unleashed PC Game Guide

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