Nov 24, 2021 09:20 (UTC)

Preview of Update on November 29th


Greetings Adventurers,


The upcoming November Update will be performed on November 29th.

For players who are looking forward to the update, we prepared “Update Preview” about the major updates and changes in November.


More details will be delivered through the patch notes on November 29th.

Please look forward to it.



[November 29th Major Updates]


1. “Regrant Runes” System

- “Regrant Runes” function by Equipment Specialist will be added.


2. Potential System

Potential system that allows you to increase the character’s stats by equipping Potential Cores will be added.

Various patterns of Potential Cores for a panel can be equipped, and the equipped effects are applied to all the characters in your account.


3. Dimensional Dungeon


A dimensional dungeon that is stronger than the previous dungeons is coming soon.

Multiple phases are in a dimensional dungeon, and players can test their limit in this place.

Together with a Dimensional Dungeon, the Golden Key Traders support those players who are trying to obtain a rare stone that can only be obtained from these Dimensional Dungeons.

Also, “Dimensional Stone”, a reward of Dimensional Dungeon, will be added as a new currency, and rare products can be purchased using Dimensional Stones.


▶ Dimensional Stone Trade Merchant NPC 


▶ Products in Dimensional Stone Trade Merchant 


4. New Enhancement Grade

- “Ancient” grade will be added for an enhancement.



5. S+ Battlefield Equipment will be added.


6. “Empire’s Unbinding Scroll”, an unbinding scroll for S and S+, will be available at Limited Merchant.


7. Ancient Weapons can be upgraded to S+ through crafting.

  • After upgrading, the Runes of the Ancient Weapon are regranted.


8. ‘Weing Costume’ slot will be added.



[Update Changes]


For the upcoming update on November 29th, we will introduce some changes.

Check out the details below.


1. Improvement on Prestige Quests 

- Available days and the reset cycle of the prestige quest in each region will be changed.

- The duration of some regional quests will be changed from 3 hours to 1 day.

- Regardless of the objective type(Exploration, Gathering, Hunting, Repairing) of a prestige quest, it will be completed if a regional quest is completed.

- The resetting objectives function of a prestige quest will be removed.



- Available Day for the Quest : No limit

- Reset Day : Every Monday



- Available Day for the Quest : Certain day per region

- Reset Day : Every certain day per region


※ Notes

1. Reward will be changed on November 29th, 2021, and the Prestige quest is not available after the “Available Day”.

2. Please take note that a Prestige quest will be reset every certain day per region.


2. Change of Attendance Reward  

- Some Attendance rewards will be changed.



  1. Day 3 - Card: Jungle Safari Hat

  2. (Week 1) Completion Reward - Card: Explorer's Trusty Stallion

  3. Day 7 - Card: Jungle Safari Outfit


  1. Day 3 - Card: Tea Time Hat
  2. (Week 1) Completion Reward - Card: Tricolor Kid

  3. Day 7 - Card: Tea Time Outfit


※ Notes

1. Attendance reward is changed on November 29th, 2021, and the previous rewards can no longer be obtained.

2. All the previous records of Attendance and Login Time Streak are maintained, and the changed reward will be claimed for the unclaimed Attendance rewards.

3. “Card: Tricolor Kid” can be destroyed.

4. Tea Time Hat/Outfit costume can be destroyed and is available for a fusion.

5. Tea Time Hat/Outfit costume can be upgraded from a fusion, but a unique rare costume(Vampire) cannot be obtained.


3. Change of Login Time Streak Reward

- Reward of [Streak 750 Min] in Attendance will be changed.



- Artifact Core Pouch (Lesser) : 200 Artifact Cores


- Attendance Artifact Core Box : Obtain one of 500/600/700 Artifact Cores at random according to a fixed rate.


※ Notes

- Attendance Artifact Core Box cannot be sold and can be destroyed.


Thank you.

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