11, Jan, 2021 08:00:00

Pre-Download Begins and 2nd Round of CBT Keys


First of all, thank you to everyone who signed up to participate in the Bless Unleashed PC's 2nd CBT!


Now that registration is complete, pre-download and the second round of CBT key distribution will begin on Jan 11th.

To selected participants, please be sure to take note of the information below for a smooth CBT experience.


1. Pre-Download


  • Pre-download the game after registering your CBT key and becoming a member of the Bless Unleashed PC website.
  • The download menu is available to members after logging in. Please download the game client from the download menu and install the game before CBT begins.
  • After the game has been installed, please note that the launcher will display the notice "Under Maintenance" until CBT begins.

2. Announcement of Selected Participants

Selected participants who registered between Jan 1st to Jan 10th will receive a CBT key sent to the email used during registration. 

The notification email is sent from, and contains instructions on how to participate as well as the CBT key.


3. CBT Schedule

  • Jan 15th 01:00 - Jan 19th 00:59 (CET)
  • Jan 14th 16:00 - Jan 18th 15:59 (PST)


More information will be made available later on through an announcement covering the CBT details.
For any questions about the CBT, please contact us through our official community channels or refer to the FAQ.

[Official Channels]

Thank you.

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