Sep 27, 2022 05:18 (UTC)

[Event Winners] Guild Vs Guild: Time Trial Dungeon~! (NA & EU) Server

Greetings Guild Leaders,

We're gladly announce the first winners of the Guild Vs Guild Dimensional Dungeon!

Note: Guild names will be posted and time record.

Rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox.


  • Re-Grant Scroll 10 (x3)
  • 200,000 Star Seed
  • Empire's Unbinding Scroll
  • Equipment Upgrade Stone (Ancient) x10
  • Superior Bless Breath Ticket x20


  •  100,000 Star Seed
  • Superior Bless Breath Ticket x5
  • Unbinding Scroll x5
  • Equipment Upgrade Stone (Mythic) 5

 NA Champion:

NoDamageSquad 5:00

EU Champion:

Miracle 4:45

EU Participants:

Orion 5:16

Wanderers 6:22

AfterWork 8:04

Nova 9:26


Congratulations to the champions who proved their mettle on this event~!

Thank you for participating and see you again next time ~! 


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