Sep 08, 2021 02:44 (UTC)

Gift from Bless Unleashed PC Team

Greeting Adventurers,

t’s been a month since we started a global service for Bless Unleashed PC.

Before the start of the upcoming first update and new season of Bless Pass, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all.
We highly appreciate all the players for the continued support and understanding for Bless Unleashed PC and will make extra efforts to provide even greater game content and gaming experience.

We would like to give you a gift as a token of our appreciation.
All players will be able to purchase the new Bless Pass “Changing World” at Lumena Shop for free. (Only once).

The obtained Bless Pass can be used in the Premium Bag from September 10th 11:00(PDT) when the season of “Changing World” starts.

Also, [Bless Pass Tier Upgrade Ticket x 2] will be provided to the players who purchased the Ultimate Founder's Pack after September 10th 11:00 (PDT). Check out the details on the Steam Store page.

▶ Steam Store

In addition to this, “Premium Benefits (7 days)” will be given to you all to support your adventure of Bless Unleashed.
Enter the coupon code below to receive it.



■ Coupon Content

- Premium Benefits (7 days)
- Recovery Scrolls x10

■ Coupon Validity

: September 8th, 2021 ~ December 31st, 2021

■ Coupon Validity

- Upon entering the coupon code, Premium Benefits will be automatically applied without a notice.
- Receiving the Recovery Scrolls means that the coupon contents are successfully provided.
- Please make sure to include the hyphen (“-”) when entering the coupon code.
- Please make sure to enter the coupon code in ALL CAPS.

We will make continued efforts to provide an enjoyable game experience to everyone who joins us for the first update and the beginning of the new season of Bless Unleashed.

Thank you.
Bless Unleashed PC Team

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