Jan 08, 2021 08:00 (UTC)

Watch Jay & Olvera Review the Upcoming Improvements for the 2nd CBT!

We are back and ready for the 2021 2nd CBT! 
Watch Jay and Olvera review some of the important changes from the 4 improvement blogs that we previously shared!

Directly watch the upcoming changes through the video below!

Please check the links below for more detailed descriptions of the improvements to come.

   * Improvements #1:,44,42,38,34
   * Improvements #2:,53,46,49,44
   * Improvements #3:,55,53,46,49
   * Improvements #4:,65,64,57,55


*Please keep in mind that some improvements will be reflected after launch.

Thank you for the support and we hope you enjoy the video!

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