Sep 19, 2022 03:56 (UTC)

[NA/EU Event] Guild Vs Guild: Time Trial Dungeon~!

Greetings Guild Leaders,

    We gladly announce that the first Guild Vs Guild Dimensional Dungeon time trial is here!
Round up your best troops and delve into the dungeon to prove that your guild has what it takes to be number one!

•GvG Dungeon Time Trial [Dimensional Dungeon: Infernal Execution Lv 4]

1. Party leaders must send entry and videos through Bless Unleashed CS Support link: https://bit.ly/3RSxsao

Select the following:
Game- Bless Unleashed Global
Category- Etc./Others
Subject: GvG Dungeon Time Trial event

Entry format: 
-Guild Name:
-Party Leader:
-Party members:
     •Member 1
     • Member 2
     • Member 3
     • Member 4

     Note: Don’t forget to attach the video or video link of your best dungeon time run as your entry.

We suggest to use OBS as recording tool.

2.    Guilds can register up to 2 teams with different members.
3.    A member should record the dungeon run from start to finish (scoreboard)
4.    Players can send their videos up to the last day of the event (September 25,2022)
5.    Only 1 video per party are considered.
6.    Dungeon Run scoreboard will be the basis of your dungeon run.
7.    Using and/or exploiting bugs included in the video shall result in disqualification and a potential sanction in-game.
8.    Videos will be used and uploaded in our Youtube channel.
[b]Event Start: September 19 to September 25, 2022 / CEST[/b]
[b]Deadline of Submission of Entry/Video: September 25, 2022 / CEST[/b]

Reward 1 – Re-grant Scroll x10 x3
Reward 2 – 200,000 Star Seed
Reward 3 – Empire’s Unbinding Scroll x10
Reward 4 – Equipment Upgrade Stones (Ancient) x 10
Reward 5 – Superior Bless Breath Ticket x20
Participation Rewards
Reward 1 – 100,00 Starseed
Reward 2 – Superior Bless Breath Ticket x5
Reward 3 – Unbinding Scroll x5
Reward 4 – Equipment Upgrade Stones (Mythic) x5
Will be posted in our website and to our youtube channel.

Bless Unleashed VALOFE Team

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