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Bless Unleashed PC Final Test Participation Guide

Bless Unleashed PC's Final Beta Test will be held on May 12th - May 16th (PDT), May 13th - May 17th (CEST) and is open for everyone to participate through the official website and Steam platform. The purpose of this test is to perform a final test of all the features in Bless Unleashed before the official launch.


We will be performing final checks on various parts of the game such as UI/UX, combat, and content that were improved through feedback received from the previous CBT. Functions of the in-game Lumena Shop will also be checked to make sure that it works normally on PC.


To allow players to test and experience the in-game Lumena Shop, we will be giving out free Lumena during the Final Test period only. Future announcements will be made regarding the details of the Final Test Lumena Shop test.


Check the details below for the participation guide and schedule.


Changes from the Bless Unleashed PC: Awakened update will also be implemented, so please look forward to the Final Test.


[Bless Unleashed PC Final Test Participation Guide]


[Bless Unleashed PC : Awakened Updates]


[Official Channels]


Thank you and see you in the game!

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