Aug 11, 2021 02:33 (UTC)

Patch Notes - August 10th

Greetings Adventurers,


As some issues were found, a server patch has been performed on August 10th around 17:00 (PDT).

Please check out the details below.

■ Patch Notes

  1. Fixed an issue where players couldn’t receive Mails for level-up rewards and quest clear rewards of “Collect Welcome Tickets!” event.
  2. The target fish for the quest Touch of Syrania 2 has been changed from Pinkspot Crimson Seabream to Cigar Wrasse.
    - Although the quest description and text still says Pinkspot Crimson Seabream, the actual fish required is the Cigar Wrasse. (Quest description/text will be fixed at a later time)

  3. Fixed an issue where the description of “PvE Gold Boost Ticket” was displayed for “PvE Combat XP Boost Ticket”.

We will do our best to provide a better environment for your game play.
Further updates will be provided through either this or another announcement.

Thank you.

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