May 10, 2022 03:40 (UTC)

Dimensional Dungeon - Ruler of the Ruins

[Dungeon Details]

A new challenge awaits you in the arena!

Dive in to the new Dimensional Dungeon! Gather your companions and party up to defeat a powerful boss that dwells within.

The clashing of steel thus resounds, welcoming a new season!

Ruler of the Ruins
Dungeon Levels: 1 - 5
Max number of players: 2
Weekly dungeon clear rewards

Dungeon Level 1 reward box
* Radiant Dawnstar Equipment
* Twisted Omen Equipment
* Awoken Successor Equipment

Dungeon Level 2 Reward Box
* S Accessories

Dungeon Level 3 Reward Box
* Equipment Upgrade Stone (Ancient)

Dungeon Level 4 Reward Box
* S Accessories

Dungeon Level 5 Reward Box
* Superior Weapon & Armor Fortification Stone (Ancient)

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