Sep 03, 2021 03:00 (UTC)

[Event] Bless Unleashed PC Weekly Event - 1st Week of September

Greetings Adventurers,

For the first weekend of September, we prepared 3 buff events.
Check out the event details below!

■ Bless Unleashed PC Weekly Event

Event Period: September 3rd 00:00 ~ September 6th 00:00 (PDT)


Event 1. Fishing Support Buff Event

We support players who enjoy fishing and relaxing!

• Increases Sensitivity +1
• Increases Casting Distance +3m
• Increases Tension +3

Event 2. Reputation Gain Buff Event

Increase your reputation faster!

• Reputation Gain +10% for all regions.

Event 3. Regional Monster Combat XP Gain Buff Event

Boost your level-up!

• Increases Carzacor, Navarra, Gnoll Wastes, Tristezza PvE Combat XP Gain +50%


※ Notes
- If an unexpected issue occurred during the event period, the event rewards may be changed or the event may be finished earlier.

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