Sep 16, 2021 01:41 (UTC)

[Event] GM’s Surprise Event is back (Livelihood Content Support & Push Event) - 4th Week

Greetings Adventurers,
Event GM is back to add more benefits on the event for the first update!
As we had the first update, we also prepared full of rewards!
■ Bless Unleashed PC Surprise GM Event
- Event Period :  September 17th 00:00 ~ September 22nd 18:00 (PDT)
▶ GM Surprise Push Event
Just access the game during the event period and get various event items!
Do not miss the chance to get “Bag Expansion Ticket” and other growth support items!

* Event items are sent via in-game Mail upon the game access during each event period.
▶ GM Livelihood Content Support Event
Event 1. Crafting Content Support
We will support with Crafting XP gain buff!
º Increases Crafting XP gain +50%
Event 2. Mount Taming Content Support
We support players who experienced a difficulty in taming!
º Increases Capture Chance by three times
Event 3. Fishing Support Buff
I’m the king of fishing in Bless Unleashed!
1) Additional reward when completing the Fishing regional quests in 5 places everyday!
-  Places for Fishing regional quest : Carzacor / South Sperios / Padana / Timeless Jungle /
-  Additional Reward : Gold Chest (Greater)
ㄴ Contains 100,000 Gold
2) Increases the chance to catch “Splendid Alfonsino” by three times!
Don’t miss the chance to catch “Splendid Alfonsino”!
* “Splendid Alfonsino” can only be caught from the hotspot in Lower Ribus River.
 ※ Location details of “Lower Ribus River”
     - [Carzacor] Entire fishing area
     - [Tristezza] Entire fishing area
     - [Tristezza] Entire fishing area except for the sea
     - [Gnoll Wastes] Entire fishing area
※ Notes
- Although the “Increases Crafting XP gain +50%” effect will not be displayed in the Applied Effect UI, the event buff will be properly applied.
- If you cannot see the Push Event Mail, enter the world again.
- If an unexpected issue occurred during the event period, the event rewards may be changed or the event may be finished earlier..
Please look forward to the next GM surprise event!
Thank you.

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