Jan 05, 2023 05:00 (UTC)

[Monthly Coupon Code] January 2023


Greetings Adventurers

Here is this month’s coupon code. Enjoy!

Monthly Coupon Code: January 2023


Coupon Code is only valid until January 31, 2023

How to Redeem Coupon Code:

  1. Enter the Game
  2. Open Lumena Shop
  3. Look for the CODE Tab
  4. Enter the Code in the Code Redemption Box and press ENTER

NOTE: Items will be sent to your Bag upon redeeming. Codes can be used only once per account.

Please feel free to contact us if there is any problem or if you have suggestions for the game.
Thank you again for your support and love for Bless Unleashed!

Bless Unleashed VALOFE Team

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