24, Sep, 2020 07:00:00

Mission and operation guide of Bless Unleashed PC Stress Test (CBT Preview)


The purpose of the Stress Test is to check the technical aspects of the game and literally, stress our servers.

This allows us to push the limit of the game before our official Closed Beta Testings.


We will be limiting the region and the server available to maximize user connections during the testing duration.

Latency and or any connection related issues may occur which may affect gameplay performance to certain users.

Also, the team will be actively monitoring the test envrionment for critical issues and bugs.


We will provide the best environment for official launch through the experience of this global Stress Test.
We hope you understand the purpose of and importance of the stress test, and thank you for your participation.
Our highest priority is to provide, highly optimize gameplay enviornment to our players at our official launch.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


■ Qualified Applicants

  • Steam key distribution will start on September 24th 07:00 UTC to the qualified participants
  • Delivery of the email along with the Steam key may take some time.
  • If you believe the email was not delivered, please inquiry in the Support server in our official Discord channel.
  • Pre-download is available upon key distribution


■ Pre-download

  • Pre-download is available once the Steam Key has been distributed.
    • 1-Login to Steam > "Games" in menu > "Activate a Product on Steam"
    • 2-Input Steam Key on Product Activation window.
    • 3-If Steam Key is successfully registered, Bless Unleashed will be added in to the Library.
    • 4-Select Bless Unleashed and click "Install". Run the launcher and download client.


■ Stress Test (CBT Preview) Schedules

  • Test will start on September 26th, 01:00 ~ 13:00 (UTC)
  • Testing will be closely monitored and the testing duration may be extended based on issues from the early stages of the testing window.
  • In the case of server-related or critical technical issues, the test may come to an end earlier than expected.


■ Support Channels
 1) FAQs & Game Guide

  • FAQs and Game Guides regarding the Stress Test is available in our Bless Unleashed PC Support tab.
  • For more details regarding the Stress Test, please refer to the FAQs and the Game Guides.
    • FAQs are available in English and Chinese(Simplified), Game Guide is only available in English.
    • FAQa & Game Guide will be updated on a regular cadence.


 2) Customer Support (DISCORD)

  • Stay informed regarding the  Stress Test from our Support channels in our official Discord.
  • Responses to any inquiries that do not pertains to the Stress Test during the testing duration may be delayed.
  • Use the Discord server to inquire or report bugs found during the Stress Test.
  • The Customer Support channels for the Stress Test.
    • # Support Announcements: Formal responses to popular inquiries be posted.
    • # Technical Question: Inquiries about technical issues. (Installation, Launching, ...)
    • # Game Question: Inquiries or issues about gameplay and contents.
    • # Bug Report: Report bugs.
    • # Improvements. / Suggestion: Suggest you opinion for improvement.
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