Sep 26, 2020 01:00 (UTC)

Opening of Bless Unleashed PC Stress Test (CBT Preview)


Official Bless Unleashed PC Stress Test (CBT Preview) Will start on the midnight of September 26th(Sat), 2020 @ 01:00.
The testing period is total of 12 hours.


Be advised, for long queues, server latency, and other technical or performance difficulties. 
The testing is to stabilize and optimize game service before Closed Beta Testings and official live service. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


For inquiries or suggestions during the testing period, please direct them to the available Customer Support channel in our official Discord Channel. (

Refer to the information provided.


■ Bless Unleashed Stress Test

  • Date: September 26 (Sat) 01:00  - 13:00 (UTC)
  • Subject: Stress test
  • How to participate
    1. Login to Steam > "Games" in menu > "Activate a Product on Steam"
    2. Input Steam Key on Product Activation window.
    3. If Steam Key is successfully registered, Bless Unleashed will be added in Library.
    4. Select Bless Unleashed and click "Install". Run the launcher and download the client.


■ Available Specification for the Stress Test

  • Class : Crusader/Berserker/Ranger/Mage/Priest
  • Level:  Lv.1-24 - Open Region: Carzacor, Navarra, Gnoll Wastes, and Tristezza
  • PVP:  Open PVP field for below Lv.27
    • Field Bosses, Quests and Dungeons Up to Lv. 24 will be available


■ Language Support 

  • English, Chinese Available
    • For Chinese, UI display text issues may occur. (Will be fixed for official launch)


■ Note

  • Player and or server disconnection may occur.
  • Start time and or end time of the Stress Test may be subjected to change.
  • Certain content informations shown in the UI (Skill info, Dungeon Rewards, etc) are subjected to change and differ drastically at official launch.


■ Official Channels


官方QQ1群 750229884