Nov 27, 2020 08:00 (UTC)

Improvements Coming in CBT2 - PC Controls

Are you ready to hear the first round of improvements from the Steam CBT? 


A major part of player feedback has been based on PC Controls, and we've heard you. We will be implementing improvements related to PC Controls in order to provide a more comfortable game-playing experience. Here are just some of the major upcoming changes you can expect in future tests. 


Keep in mind, this is just the first of several blogs we’re writing to detail all the changes we’re making from player feedback. If your specific worry is not addressed here, stay tuned for the next issue!


#1 Improvement - Skill Input Key Change

(Hold → Toggle)

In order to make player combat experience a little more dynamic, we decided to change the key skill input method. We are reviewing improvements in various areas, but the specific modification to be talked about today is that we have changed having to hold a button for skill input to a simple Toggle! Rejoice!


What is a Toggle Key?

When using a skill, the key is not pressed continuously like the Hold Key, but rather when the key is pushed once, it is recognized as a Hold, and the skill is automatically activated after the required time elapses.



•  Improved the inconvenience of having to hold down the key until skill activation!

•  Faster combat speed and action!


▲ (Left) When using Hold Key / (Right) When using Toggle Key *Example Image

- “Toggling” will be displayed with flashes around the borders of the skill icon being toggled


#2 Improvement - Control Customization

A special tutorial on control customization has been added to provide players with effective training for customizing their experience on PC. 
For instance, we realize that many PC users use a mouse with buttons 4 and 5. For a more convenient operation, these buttons will also be available for Bless Unleashed PC. It’s perfect for your more advanced gaming mice!



•  Customize your mouse controls to make gameplay more user-friendly!



• In addition to directional skills, customizable functions can be assigned to mouse buttons 4 and 5.

• Mouse buttons 4 and 5 must be set separately in the options and are not used by default.

• Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.



#3 Improvement - Sprint Improvement 

Another major content that users have mentioned since the Steam CBT was in response to controls. Although it wasn’t an issue with the gamepad, we’ve improved some of the awkward keyboard/mouse controls or movement!


Firstly - A significant increase in Sprint Time

The sprint time during field and non-combat will be increased from 6 seconds to 20 seconds. The previous 6 seconds was in relation to battle balance, but time has been increased to provide a little more convenience outside of battle. 

However, sprint time remains the same while in field battles and dungeons.


Sprint control changed to Hold

The previous sprint control was a toggle. Players pressed the button to start sprinting and pressed it once more to stop. Since the sprint time was short and it was difficult to sprint because stamina was consumed as much as desired, we decided to change it to a Hold for a more convenient operation.



Before change

After change

• Press the sprint key once to continue sprinting

• Sprint ends when stamina runs out or player stops moving

• Sprint only when holding down the sprint key

• Stop sprint when releasing the sprint key

• Direction can be changed while sprinting, but if the sprint key is held down and

there is no movement operation, sprint is cancelled and the player stops in place.



•  Hold as much as you want and decide your sprint length

•  Effective movement by controlling stamina


+ Addition of walking/running switch key!

Walking, which was possible on the console pad, has been improved to be possible on the keyboard and mouse as well.



• Freely change walking/running state through a specific key you assign

• You can use skills or do other actions while walking

• Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.



#4 Improvement - Addition of an Auto-Run Toggle Key

Due to the nature of an Open World game, it isn’t easy to move around from one place to another without your wrist or fingers getting fatigued. In order for players to smoothly enjoy the world of Bless Unleashed on PC, we have added an auto-run toggle key! Modifications will be made to automatically maintain a running or walking state by pressing a specific key. 



• Modified to maintain running/walking through a specific key 

• Sprinting while auto running/walking does not disable the auto-run

• Auto-running is canceled when jumping, evading, or using related skills while auto running/walking

• Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.



• Move comfortably from one place to another when you just want to relax and take in the view as you travel.




#5 Improvement - Changed Item Usage Method

(Belt Scroll → Slot Method)To use an item in Bless Unleashed PC, users had to scroll to choose what was called the ‘belt scroll’ method. This was because Bless Unleashed was first designed with consoles in mind, where keyboards and mice are not commonplace. We recognized that this could be inconvenient to have to scroll to select the desired items even in combat situations like PVE and PVP, or even when using items on a regular basis.


To minimize inconvenience, we plan to change the item usage method  from a ‘belt scroll’ method to a slot system, where slots will utilize player keybinds in a similar fashion to other typical PC MMORPGs that players are familiar with!


What is a Slot Method?

Items/Potions are listed in 5 slots, so players can quickly use items through shortcut keys without having to scroll.



• Quick use of urgently needed items such as potions and food!

• Skip the scrolling time of the old method

• Check the items registered in the slot at a glance!



• Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.



#6 Improvement - Path-Guiding Function Added

Players will discover the world of Bless Unleashed and meet many NPCs while performing countless quests. In particular, users just starting off may have a difficult time in finding quest areas and NPCs.


In order for users to perform quests without an issue, a path guiding function that guides users the way to quest destinations will also be added! It’s entirely optional and can be used (or not!) as much as you wish. It merely highlights the quickest path to your quest objective with a nice glowing trail.


Addition of the Quest Log / HUD Quest Log Help Guide

  • The Path Guiding icon is added to the main menu Quest Log UI, and the quest list. Click on the Path Guiding icon for a guide to the quest location.

  • The help guide for Path Guiding can be found in the Quest Log UI


▲ Path Guide Function *Example



•  Never get lost again! Unless you want to. 



• Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.



#7 Improvement - Skill UI Layout Change

We are aware that the previous skill UI layout was uncomfortable for users because it was different from the keyboard layout. The current square shaped skill UI will be changed to a bar shape that is more suitable for the PC keyboard to optimize the keyboard and mouse controls.




▲ (Left) Original skill UI / (Right) New Skill Bar *Example



• This image is currently used for development reference, and may be changed.

• Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.




This is just a preview of some of the work the team is doing. We'll be showing off these changes as the team completes them in future videos prior to the next beta so make sure to follow our social channels and stay updated!

Lastly, stay tuned for the next round of improvements to be announced December 4th. We expect you’ll be happy to zoom in and read them as soon as it’s posted!


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