Dec 18, 2020 08:00 (UTC)

Improvements Coming in CBT2 - Miscellaneous


The final improvements post is finally here. 

A huge thank you to everyone in advance for enjoying these upcoming changes that we’ve spoiled so far. 


Here are the last bits of improvements including one about camera zoom in/out which I’m sure players would not like to miss!


#1 Improvement - Camera zoom in/out with mouse wheel at launch!



One of the biggest feedback received by users was in regards to camera zoom in/out.


Previously, due to the nature of the console pad, camera distance could only be adjusted through settings. However, for a better PC optimization where more keys can be operated, camera zoom in/out function will be able to be adjusted more conveniently through the mouse wheel!


We believe many players will be excited for this upcoming change. However, this function requires some development time so please note that this change will be applied for the official launch and not the 2nd CBT. Thank you for your patience and understanding!



• Zoom in/out quickly and simply by using the mouse wheel! 



• Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.


#2 Improvement - Improved Lighting and Added Tessellation


While developing the PC version of graphic options that were inevitably limited in the console environment, LPV and tessellation technology have been applied to enhance the quality of art rendering and lighting so that players can experience higher quality graphics.


Through this improvement, players can experience a more realistic and higher quality graphics. 


What is LPV and Tessellation?


  • LPV

    • This is a global illumination technology that expresses the reflectance of light as if it were real!


  • Tessellation

    • Simply speaking, this is a technology that makes the images look much smoother.


Check out the images below to directly see the difference! 


1) Texture of objects is improved to a higher resolution





2)  Through this improvement, rather than adjusting the contrast, the textures of objects such as light, shadows, and floors were more naturally expressed.

In this picture, players can see that the texture of the floor has been improved to a higher resolution. 


















#3 Improvement - Strengthened Dream Dungeon Tutorial


For beginning users, a tutorial is required in order to play the game.


The Dream Dungeon tutorial gives players an overview of Bless Unleashed PC. In addition to the initial story, players can experience how to manipulate combos, skills, combat and movement methods of the selected class.

However, we decided that the current tutorial may not be informative enough for users who are experiencing Bless Unleashed PC, so we lowered the difficulty of the tutorial and strengthened the tutorial through adding various guides such as moving, switching views, jumping, aiming, and using items.

Learn about the gameplay of Bless Unleashed PC faster through detailed guidance in the Dream Dungeon Tutorial!



• Quickly enter the world of Bless Unleashed PC through the enhanced tutorial!



• Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.


1) Examples of tutorial guides added (please note that this change is currently under development and examples are provided with Korean UI)


▲After: Aiming Guide                                                                    ▲After: Jump Guide



We hope you enjoyed this last blog of improvements. 


Please know that we take our user feedback very seriously, and are constantly working to improve the game for our upcoming launch next year.


P.S. Make sure to sign up for the 2nd CBT if you haven’t already, and we will see you soon!




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