Dec 11, 2020 08:00 (UTC)

Improvements Coming in CBT2 - PC UI/UX & Convenience



Are you ready for round 3? 

The long and awaited - PC UI/UX Improvements! Sit tight as you read through these upcoming changes!


#1 Improvement - Mouse Usability


1) Changed menu navigation and exit method (ESC button → right click)

Our development team is constantly focusing on every small detail for better PC optimization.

Therefore, in addition to character controls, we have been thinking about ways to improve the use of the menu.


Previously, players had to press the ESC button every time they selected something in the menu or exited. This was because the default key settings were based on the console version. 

After much discussion, we decided that it was not efficient to have to press a button every time players explored the menu so mouse usability will be improved so players can use the right click button of the mouse instead of the ESC button!

In the future, right click to move around the menu or exit without having to press a button!


2) Fixed mouse pointer position 

When calling UI such as menus, maps, and quests, the mouse position was called from where it previously was. We realized this small detail proved to be inconvenient, so this will be improved so that whatever menu is brought up, the mouse will be called to the center of the screen in the future.


3) Skip NPC conversation with mouse click

During quests, players often have to go through conversations with the NPC. Although a skip function is available currently, it is through a specific key on the keyboard, and in order to improve this to become more convenient on the PC, dialog can be skipped by clicking the mouse instead of the keyboard in the future.


If you don’t care about the NPC chatter, you can skip to the questing even faster!



• Faster menu navigation and exit 

• Skip quickly without becoming bored!

• Quickly and easily skip with a mouse click!



• Please note that this may change depending on the development direction.


#2 Improvement -  Chat window UI/UX Improvements 

Bless Unleashed PC is a global one-build game where you can meet diverse users who speak various languages.

We realized that it is currently not easy for many users to continue conversations in different languages in a common chat window. Therefore, we are improving the chat window in various ways to alleviate the inconvenience of users!


1) Addition of global/region chat window 

For smoother chat activities for various global users, both regional and global windows will be provided separately. However, as all users can chat in Global, there will be a certain time limit when entering chat to avoid commotion.


2) Prevent automatic text entry

Previously, when using the keys on the keyboard to move the tab of the chat window, the cursor automatically activated in the text input window. Due to this method, it became unintentionally uncomfortable to move tabs in the chat window. 

In the future, it will be improved so that the text input window will not automatically activate even if players press tab.


3) Make repeated messages more convenient

For repeated messages, the input message is improved so that players can enter the same message through the Enter key without going through the hassle of rewriting! Want to look for a group and not have to type specifics each time? This is your friend!


4) Fixed chat window scroll 

It’s not easy to see what you want when new messages are constantly popping up like crazy right? If you select the desired message in the chat window, even if a new message comes up, the chat window is fixed so that you can read the content more comfortably!


5) Other

Excluded unnecessary chat guides!


•  A more convenient chat window!

•  A better exchange with global and local users!!



• Please note that this may change depending on the development direction.


#3 Improvement -  Other UI/UX & Convenience Factors


1) Changed some input buttons (G Key → Enter Key)

We received feedback about how it was highly uncomfortable when playing Bless Unleashed PC because some input buttons required either the G or Enter key.

As a result of this, improvements were made so that some of the input buttons that were G keys have been changed to the Enter key! We will continue working on even the smallest improvements to enhance player experience.


2) Added system menu button to the server list screen (Esc Button → Right Click)

Players can now open the system menu while in the server list screen. 

The system menu can be accessed from the server list without connecting to the game. The option to close the client is also available from the system menu.



•  Access the system menu quickly and easily from the server list!



• Please note that this may change depending on the development direction.



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