Dec 04, 2020 08:00 (UTC)

Improvements Coming in CBT2 - PC Combat System

We’re back again for the second round of improvements from the Steam CBT!

And this time, it’s about PC Combat System improvements. This one is short but sweet!



#1 Improvement - Lowered Dungeon Entry Level

Bless Unleashed PC’s development team constantly strives to provide a fun and suitable experience in all areas of gameplay. However, looking at the last CBT data, we were able to see that there were a number of players who were experienced enough to enter a dungeon, but could not play certain content because of the entry level restrictions. Therefore, we decided to implement more diverse content so players could better enjoy the game.


In addition, in order to prevent gameplay from becoming boring, we decided to lower the level required for dungeon entry, one of the most important contents of Bless Unleashed PC. By allowing players to enter the dungeon at an earlier level,  they can quickly grow their character through increased rewards! This change will affect the mid-level dungeons between level 10 and level 30.



  • Experience one of the important contents - dungeon play - faster!
  • Quickly grow your character through dungeon rewards!



  • Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.



#2 Improvement -  Crusader Class Changes

There will be a wide range of improvements to enhance the charm and playability of the Crusader class!


1) Combo Improvements

First Attack

Although this is the first combo technique players encounter when playing the Crusader Class, we decided that the first and second hits were a little slow, making it difficult to give the expected action of a combo attack.

This will be further improved so players can feel a quicker attack with faster motion.


Sunset Strike Combo 

After reviewing data, we were able to confirm that this combo was not being used as often compared to other combos, so we decided to significantly improve this combo so players will be able to use it actively.

Therefore, the Sunset Strike combo will be modified to become an even better usable combo!


2) ‘Bravery’ Usability Improvement

What is ‘Bravery’?

‘Bravery’ is a resource Crusaders obtain and this resource is built up as they fight, as well as consumed when certain skills are used.


Contrary to the original intention, we were able to confirm that ‘Bravery’ lacked relevance in skill or attack play, and we noticed that it could interfere with the use of the skill or delay play, thus we decided to improve its usability through the following ways!


  1. First, when using skills, ‘Bravery’ will not be consumed.
  2. Improvements have been made so players can acquire ‘Bravery’ by using attack skills as well as combos.
  3. When using a unique skill while possessing ‘Bravery’, ‘Bravery’ is consumed and additional effects are given.
    • Guard: Possessing ‘Bravery’ adds AoE damage & health recovery 
    • Shield Throw: Health recovery if hit correctly
    • Piercing Shield: Health recovery proportional to damage dealt
    • Inquisition: Possessing ‘Bravery’ adds Blood Leech


3) Crusade like a Crusader 

We plan to improve the Crusader Class to better suit its personality and characteristics!

We are constantly reviewing to improve in a direction that can satisfy users in various fields.

Its defensive role is being strengthened to help it fill the role of a tank more readily, and other details will be shared in the future so please look forward to the upcoming improvements.



  • Experience an improved and enhanced Crusader character!
  • A Crusader that feels like a class that has the best defense in the game!



  • Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.


▲ A Crusader overlooking the Bless World


#3 Improvement -  Attack Speed Change

To give players a faster battle and play experience, we plan to improve details related to attack speed!


Players can increase attack speed through various equipment options, and enjoy faster battles including the activation of skills for each class!

Please stay tuned for more upcoming details in the future!


  • Experience a faster and more thrilling action through improved attack speed! 



  • Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.



#4 Improvement-Number of Combo Buttons Change(3→2)


The number of combo buttons has been changed from 3 -> 2 to better optimize play in the PC environment!


The current combo button is designed for optimal play on the console pad.

Subsequently, in the process of developing the PC version, switching between left and right is a key feature of the keyboard/mouse. Depending on user preferences, we noticed that the current version might be inconvenient, so we will be improving to better suit the keyboard/mouse environment!


We are currently contemplating ways to better suit the keyboard/mouse environment in various directions, and we will be able to share details in the future.


▲ (Left) Original Combo Table / (Right) New Combo Table



  • PC optimal controls will provide a more convenient play!



  • Details may change in the future depending on the development direction.


We hoped you enjoyed the second round of improvements as much as we did! As we mentioned before, we will be showing off these changes as the team completes them in future videos prior to the next beta so make sure to follow our social channels and stay updated!

Before you go, stay tuned for the 3rd round of improvements to be announced December 11th. Adios!


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