Dec 16, 2021 12:31 (UTC)

Patch Notes - December 15th (PST)

Greetings Adventurers,

A server patch was performed at around 15th 4:30PM (PST) / December 16th 1:30AM (CET) as a response to issues found in the current game version.

Please check out the details below.


■ Patch Notes


- Fixed a bug where when equipping an accessory with “Decreases Defense of target” and “Increases Received Damage” effect, only one effect is applied.
- Fixed a bug where Runes disappear from an item when regranting Runes in a certain circumstance.
- Fixed a bug where if players upgrade a S+ item with 4 Runes to “Ancient” grade and reconnect the server or re-launch the client, the color of 5th Rune is changed.

- Fixed a bug where the Time Dungeon schedule is not displayed.

We will continue to do our best in providing the best gameplay experience.
This announcement will be updated, or a new announcement will be made if additional updates are available.

Thank you.

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