Oct 15, 2021 02:10 (UTC)

Weekly Livelihood Content Support Event - October #2

Greetings Adventurers,
We prepared the 2nd event for October.
Check out the event details below.
■ Weekly Livelihood Content Support Event of October
- Event Period : October 14th 6:30PM ~ Before Maintenance on October 20th (PDT)
Event 1.  
Build your own Estate!  [Estate Support Event]
• Increase Estate Construction Speed +10%
• Increase Estate Production Speed +10%
• Timber and stone materials can be purchased from Estate Merchant. (Up to 40 per day)
* The purchase limit for the existing materials from Estate Merchant is 10.
Event 2. 
You! Become my Mount! [Mount Taming Support Event]
• 300% Capture Chance
Event 3. 
No time for hunting? Time to craft for this week!   [Crafting Support Event]
• Increases Crafting XP gain +10%
• +5% chance to craft without materials when crafting Consumables
• +5% chance to craft additional 1 item when crafting Consumables
※ Notes
- If an unexpected issue occurred during the event period, the event rewards may be changed or the event may be finished earlier.

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