Oct 29, 2021 02:44 (UTC)

[EVENT] Boom, Boom! Full of Rewards Event for Update!

Greetings Adventurers,
New dungeons and monsters, and even new Battlefield PvP!
Event GM is back for the October Major Update.
Enjoy the world of Bless Unleashed even more with various event rewards and benefits!
Check out the event details below.
■ GM Surprise Push Event
Enter the world right now! Just access the game, then you will receive a lot of rewards!
Even Superior Bless Breath Ticket and Memory Gem can be obtained. So what are you waiting for!
1. Event Period
October 29th 00:00 ~ November 4th 00:00 (PDT)
2. How to participate
- Enter the world of Bless Unleashed PC during the event period!
3. Event Reward

4. Period of Reward 
- When you access the game during the event period, the reward will immediately be sent via in-game Mail by batch.
※ Notes
- Reward is given only once per batch per account.
- If the reward cannot be seen in your Mailbox, kindly restart the game and check again.



We support Adventurers’ Growth!
★GM’s Surprise Growth Support Event★

For all players who play from the start, we prepared a Growth Support Event! We support your quick growth!!


■ ‘Class Level’ Quest Support

1. Event Period
- October 28th 20:30 ~ Before Maintenance on November 10th (PDT)

2. Event Details
- The cooldown of Invasions in Gnoll Wastes will be reduced.
 ▶ Current : The cooldown of Invasions is 4 hours.
 ▶ Event Period : The cooldown of Invasions is 2 hours.


■ Character Growth Support
1. Event Period
- October 28th 20:30 ~ November 00:00 4th (PDT)

2. Event Details
      ① Character EXP Support
         - PvE Combat XP +50% in all places
      ② Skill Point Support
         -  Quest SXP Gain +50%
※ Notes
- If an unexpected issue occurred during the event period, the event rewards may be changed or the event may be finished earlier.

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