Mar 11, 2021 08:00 (UTC)

Big Changes to Come, Bless Unleashed: Awakened


This is Koven Park, the PD of Bless Unleashed. 


Through the previous CBT, we were able to analyze all user feedback and responses.

Thankfully, we were able to discover how to further improve the game through these feedbacks, and establish bigger goals to create an even better gaming experience.

Once again, I would like to thank all the users who participated in the CBT and showed their passion and interest in the game.


The development team has been constantly preparing to greatly improve the game and maximize user needs in the wake of Bless Unleashed PC’s launch.

The main goal is to improve the depth and quality of combat, to significantly ease growth and economic stress, and to make contact with key contents at a much easier and diverse level than before.

Rough details regarding these changes as well as our plans will be explained below.


Why is the Final CBT in May?

First, I would like to apologize to all users who have constantly been waiting for the PC launch.

The Round8 development team strives to share deep communication and apply various feedback from users, so we believed it was more important to begin official service after implementing all the positive changes to Bless Unleashed rather than proceeding quickly at the current level. Moreover, we believe the correct path is to meet users through the Final Test with the upcoming updates and collect further feedback.

We believe that users will understand our motive if we explain the upcoming changes as well as our purpose.

Therefore, through the upcoming Final Test in May, we will introduce a new Unleashed world.

We will try our best to meet user expectations.


Bless Unleashed’s Revolutionary Change 

As mentioned previously, we will present  more seamless and diverse content, including the transformation of Bless Unleashed’s combat system and  a better optimized PC environment.

Based on user feedback, we plan to share our development progress on a weekly basis.




Listed below are the three major development directions we are currently working on.


"Increasing skill and class personality to maximize combat enjoyment"

 ㄴ Strengthen class propensity + significantly change the bless system for strategic skill management

 ㄴ Strengthen continuity of combos and skills, and provide a smoother dodge by expanding action cancel

 ㄴ Deeper character action, extended and smoother character growth


For example, the characters of each class will be enhanced by the ability to add or change class unique skills, allowing users to customize skills they would like to use. Users can organize their desired combination of skills without being limited to blessings, and depending on the blessings equipped, the strength, usability and skill combos will change.

In addition, a variety of item effects will be opened, a combination that can be equipped with specialized blessings/skill specific option composition will be created, and the stress of enhancement will be greatly relieved by reinforcing items and reducing hurdles in collection.

Moreover, there will be a big change based on user feedback given about the cut off of combo. Skills for resource replenishment and buff skills can be cast in the middle of the combo, and dodge will not interfere with connecting combos. This will result in a faster overall flow of combat and easier skill dodge.



"Providing UI/UX optimized for the PC platform, enhancing the convenience of in-game communication between global users:

ㄴ Enhancement of keyboard + mouse operation for better convenience

ㄴ Chat update to align with our global one build 

ㄴ Addition of an expression method other than text


Among the inconveniences identified by previous CBT feedback, we placed the highest  priority on improving keyboard & mouse operation and applying all related improvements. Because Bless Unleashed started off as a console service, we are aware of the various inconveniences experienced in PC and are making improvements that can be provided in a form suitable for the PC environment as much as possible.

In addition, we recognize there are some difficulties in communication from chatting to community and plan to make overall communication easier.


There are many more points of improvements that we plan to share in future detailed posts.





“Make existing content more fun, comfortable, and challenging while delivering new additional content”

ㄴ Appearance of more enhanced Unique Bosses

ㄴ Supplementation of quest production and contents to increase game immersion

ㄴ Strengthen convenience of dungeons

ㄴ Additional content from new experiences


In the case of main content, the most important point is to improve participation methods, such as the difficulty level, the low playtime, and the need to wait for matchmaking. More opportunities will be made available to improve the experience with Unique and Elite Bosses, and we are also planning on adding new monsters and dungeons to provide equipment with the various effects mentioned earlier.  

Dungeon matchmaking will become easier, rewards will be more powerful, and the difficulty level will be subdivided. A challenging dungeon will be an opportunity to earn more valuable items, which will further reduce accessibility restrictions so many users can access key content.

Due to the many changes mentioned above, March will consist of sharing the overall changes of the combat system, UI/UX, and content. From April, we will further explain the changes in more detail through CM streams, videos, and screenshots.





Round8 considers user communication to be the most important factor.

We are continuously communicating with Bless Unleashed users and are working hard to collect questions and communicate various topics through our Dev Discussion content shared on our community channels.

We will continue to listen and actively reflect on user feedback.

The development team will also continue to develop the upcoming updates for a better gaming experience.


We look forward to your continued support, and please make sure to check out the updated post regarding Bless Unleashed: Awakened #1 Combat!



Thank you.


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