Mar 11, 2021 08:05 (UTC)

Bless Unleashed: Awakened #1 Combat

Today, we will be introducing the first update topic in regards to “combat”.


This update will talk about a wide range of changes that will take place from the overall system to the small details. 


Prior to this, Bless Unleashed PC’s PD Koven Park talks about the future development direction of Bless Unleashed in a separate post which users can check out below.


[Big Changes to Come, Bless Unleashed: Awakened]


Keep on reading to check out how the combat system is planning to change!


Fundamental Changes to the Combat System

The Round8 studio development team is currently preparing for updates that will change the fundamentals of the combat system and aims to provide a completely different combat experience. Key elements of this combat update focus on “deep strategic skills and enhanced combo” and “speedy character growth through the fast combat flow”.


1) Changes in the blessings and skill system


The current skill system is designed in such a way so that the fixed skill changes as users equip blessings. The purpose was to allow users to choose blessings according to the situation by giving each blessing a different personality.


However, this means that the skill selection after selecting the blessing is limited, therefore the degree of freedom of skill selection is restricted. These factors have been identified through a number of feedbacks, and internal reviews to discuss improvements in this aspect were conducted.


As a result, skills can be acquired through character level regardless of blessings, and without the skills being dependent on blessings, the blessings can naturally be selected and used according to user preference.


Please refer below for more details.


➤ Unique buffs for each blessings and strengthening the variety of combat


Each blessing has a unique combat mechanism, so character operation differs based on the equipped blessings.

  • E.g.) If wearing a specialized blessing for the Crusader class burning blade skill, the skill will be strengthened, the usability of the skill will be improved, and the cooldown and consumption amount will be lowered. This effect changes the characteristics and propensity of the class and the way the skill works, deriving different combo roots and making more diverse combos available.


In this upcoming update, there will be a fundamental change in the skill system, which we believe will allow users to experience the ‘freedom in choosing and using skills’.


In addition to simply using combos and skills, please look forward to the changes that will allow users to experience various combat styles depending on their blessings.


2) Strengthen class personality by improving skill usability


The Round8 development team is currently reviewing ways to enhance the usability of all skills. We believe users will be able to see the individuality and combat capabilities of each class as skill system improvements are applied.


➤ The main skill updates are as follows.


  1. Improved usability for all skills
  2. Improved performance for less popular skills
  3. Addition of new skills to enhance class personality
  4. Combination/deletion of skills with similar concepts


  • E.g.) Berserker
  • ‘Madness Explosion’ (tentative name), which deals wide-area damage is an upcoming class skill that will blow away nearby enemies as its anger explodes. Of course, with the improvement of this new skill, there will be risks to damage oneself as well. 


As shown in the short example above, we are undergoing major updates with the motto of changing to a skill suitable for each class, or a skill composition that can better represent the class personality. Through this update, users will definitely be able to find each class more attractive.


3) Changes in skill & combo usability to improve combat flow


While expanding upon the current combat method, an update is in progress to increase the usability of combos, skills, and dodge, the three crucial elements of combat.


First, the most representative change users can feel is that the combo phase will not break even if users dodge while using the combo. This change will be applied equally to specific skills. Even when using skills to help combat, such as the Ranger’s reload or Crusader’s warcry, the combo phase will not be initialized and will be changed to avoid interfering with the combat flow.


In addition, after using the skill by strengthening the association between the skill and combo, a new skill specific combo can be followed. The update will add various elements so users can continue to experience a more natural combat flow. For example, when using a skill in the midst of a combo, the skill activates faster than before.


Finally, even if users try to dodge during an action, they will feel the change in the overall combat experience through the quicker timing that triggers the dodge.



In addition to the changes mentioned above, the Bless Unleashed development team is reviewing other  updates and improvement plans in diverse areas based on user feedback.


As a sneak peek to additional contents being added/changed in the future, the range of distance classes will be increased. Moreover, the lock-on method will be improved so there is no inconvenience of the camera view being fixed.


As explained above, we are reviewing and adjusting each and every one of these user feedbacks. Please look forward to the next Bless Unleashed PC update news coming in the following week.


Thank you.


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