Feb 09, 2021 08:00 (UTC)

Bless Unleashed PC Discord Global Moderators (Batch 2) Results


Thank you to everyone who applied for Bless Unleashed PC Discord Round8 Global Moderators (Batch 2).


We have received a lot of applications and closely evaluated the every single valuable form.

We know all the applicants are currently being active in Discord Round 8

and we appreciate all of them for the their interest in Bless Unleashed PC


We hope to accept all the applications, but 5 people have been selected for a Moderator as mentioned before.

Although you are not selected this time, we hope you can apply again for the Moderators batch 3.


Here we introduce the 2nd batch of Global Moderators of Bless Unleashed PC Discord Round8!

- Alstreim (Berserker Specialist)

- DecaHohenheim (Crusader Specialist)

- Luke (Mage Specialist)

- Andazar (Priest Specialist)

- Sad Zuko (Ranger Specialist)


You can also visit their own channel and have an active communication.


If a moderator gives up the position or gets terminated during the activity period,

a new moderator may be added from the original applicants.


Once again, please send your congratulations to the new Moderators.

Thank you.

官方QQ1群 750229884