Feb 10, 2021 08:00 (UTC)

[Live] CM Olvera's Live Stream


Back with some exciting news! (Hopefully)


Before the start of the next CBT, we plan to hold a weekly livestream to communicate with users while exploring the game.

We believe this will be a fun opportunity to get closer to our users.


Starting February 18th (PST), CM Olvera will hold a casual livestream introducing various contents of the game through Bless Unleashed PC's Youtube and Twitch while chatting with users, and the current schedule is as follows. (PST & CET displayed)



- CM Olvera: First Livestream: 2/18 9PM (PST) / 2/19 6AM (CET)


[February's Schedule]

- Feb 18th 9PM (PST) / Feb 19th 6AM (CET)

- Feb 25th 9PM (PST) / Feb 26th 6AM (CET)


We hope to see everyone there and thank you in advance for the support!


▶ Where to tune in

Twitch :

Youtube :



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