Feb 17, 2021 03:04 (UTC)

[Live] CM Olvera's First Livestream: Feb 18th (PST)


As previously mentioned, CM Olvera will be holding a weekly livestream starting this week to chitchat with users and explore the game.


The first stream will be: 2/18 9PM (PST) / 2/19 6AM (CET)

So, what exactly will she be doing this week?


The first episode will be casual with Olvera introducing herself, getting to know our users, sharing some simple infographics from the 2nd CBT, as well as diving deep into Bless Unleashed PC's character customization!  

Curious to see which monster was the most defeated in the 2nd CBT? Tune in to find out!


We hope to see everyone there!


▶ Where to tune in 

P.S. Make sure to add Bless Unleashed PC to your Steam Wishlist if you haven’t already:

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