Dec 27, 2021 01:33 (UTC)

Service Transfer of Bless Unleashed PC


Greetings Adventurers,


First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation to everyone.


We would like to inform you that the service of Bless Unleashed PC will be provided by VALOFE as of January 26th, 2022.

[VALOFE], a global game company that handles development, publishing and operation,

will take the overall service of Bless Unleashed PC.


We deeply apologize for sharing this sudden news.


Please also be informed that this transfer of service will not affect your access to the game through Steam.

Please check out the details below.


[Service Transfer of Bless Unleashed PC]


■ Transfer of Service and Schedule

1)     Service Transfer Company : VALOFE Company

         - The entire service about the game such as development and service will be transferred.


2)     Date of Service Transfer : January 26th, 2022


■ Details of Service Transfer

1)     Steam : Change of Steam platform publishing ownership

- As the game data and account/payment information related to the game are based in the Steam platform, a transfer of them will not be performed.


2)     Official Website( : Block of new registration and deletion of all membership data

- A registration for the official website will be blocked and all membership data will be deleted.

- Date of Registration Block : December 27th, 2021

- Date of Official Website Membership Deletion : January 24th, 2022

- Block of In-game Account Linking ( : December 27th, 2021


3)  Customer Support :  Operation of official website customer support

  • For your inquiry, please contact us through the customer support on the official website.

  • Bless Unleashed PC Official Website > Support > FAQ > 1:1 Inquiry

      - End Date of Official Website Customer Support : January 24th, 2022


※ Notes
- The current character data will remain the same and players can still continue playing the game even after the service transfer.


As the change of publishing ownership, the game play will be available after the agreement on ‘EULA’ while launching Bless Unleashed PC.

VALOFE will also make extra efforts and continue to discuss the content update and the future service direction.


Thank you.

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