Dec 29, 2021 06:00 (UTC)

Bless Unleashed PC Service Transfer FAQ

Greetings Adventurers,

The service of Bless Unleashed PC is handled by VALOFE as of January 26th, 2022.
As a lot of questions regarding the service transfer were found in our community channels, we would like to share the answer to major questions.

[Bless Unleashed PC Service Transfer FAQ]

[Account Related]

Q. How will the account transfer be processed?
A. As it’s a simple transfer of the service operation ownership, processes such as account transfer will not be processed.
However, players need to agree ‘EULA’ before accessing the game since the service transfer on January 26th.

Q. Will all game data be deleted after the service transfer?
A. No. The current character data will remain the same and players can still continue playing the game even after the service transfer.

Q. Can the characters or items be deleted?
A. As long as players don’t delete characters by themself, characters and items will not be deleted.

Q. Do players need a VALOFE ‘VFUN’ account?
A. Players can play the game using the current Steam account without creating a VALOFE ‘VFUN’ account.

[Purchase Related]

Q. Will the purchase history and cash items for Bless Unleashed PC remain?
A. All the purchase history in Steam and cash items will remain.

Q. Can the purchase still be available after the service transfer?
A. Yes, you can purchase products in the same way.

[Update Related]

Q. What will happen to the Roadmap plan?
A. We tried to follow the update schedule promised in the roadmap, but it’s getting delayed due to the service transfer.
We will make efforts to share the update schedule as soon as the review of the future update plan by VALOFE is done.

Details of the service transfer can be checked in the announcement below.
Check the Service Transfer announcement

We will keep monitoring the community channels regarding the service transfer, and keep informing about questions and clarifications.

Thank you.


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