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Who’s ready for the 2nd CBT?


With the anticipation of waiting for our 2nd Bless Unleashed PC CBT, we will be hosting two consecutive streams before the start of the beta testing.


1. AMA (Ask me Anything) session to answer some of our communities questions and address other topics.

2. CBT Countdown Livestream with a small event and some cool prizes. So make sure to tune in and bring some popcorn..


Part 1: AMA Session

Part 2: CBT Countdown


▶ CBT Livestream Schedule 

    • January 14th 3PM (PST)
    • January 15th 12AM (CET)


  • Korean Live Stream Episode
    • Make sure to tune in on the Korean Live stream as well!
      • 2021.01.15 02:00 AM (PST) Episode
      • 2021.01.16 04:00 AM (PST)


▶ CBT Livestream Link 

Make sure to subscribe in advance:


▶ Write your questions in the comments below

This is your chance! Write down any questions you have regarding Bless Unleashed PC in the comments for a chance to have your question answered during the AMA Live Stream.

** Deadline for questions: Jan 14th


▶ CBT Livestream EVENT

[Social Media REPOST EVENT]

Share this Steam Livestream post to your friends and spread the news!


[How to Participate]

1. Copy the link below (Steam Livestream Post)

2. Share the link on social media websites, game communities or any other online platforms and add a comment like “Bless Unleashed PC CBT Stream Jan 14th”.

3. Leave a comment on that direct Steam post with the words “[Event Participation]” and the link of your post included.


[Deadline & Prize]

  1. Deadline: January 16th (PST)
  2. Giveaway Prize: 20 random participants will be rewarded with a $10 Steam Digital Gift Card via Steam friend invites.
  3. Announcement of Winners: Winners will be announced through a separate Steam community post on January 22nd (PST)


[Streaming Event]

We also have multiple events planned during the stream from CBT Key Giveaways to viewer achievement goals to earn in-game rewards. More details will be announced next week so stay tuned.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the stream!


[Official Channels]
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