Nov 19, 2021 07:00 (UTC)

[EVENT] Weekly Growth Support Event - November #2

Greeting Adventurers,

The second event of November, [Growth Support Event] is ready to start!
Check out the event details below.


■ Weekly Growth Support Event of November

- Event Schedule
: November 18st 23:00 ~ November 25th 23:00 (PST)


EVENT 1. Extension of the Limited Merchant Enhancement Support Event!

By a lot of participants and responses, we will extend the enhancement support event by “1 week”!

Check out the announcement below for more event details.
▶ [EVENT] Weekly Enhancement Support Event - November #1


EVENT 2. Star Seed Exchange UP!

The exchange rate of Star Seed will be increased during the event period!

- Increases Star Seed Exchange Rate +50%


EVENT 3. More materials will be given!

Additional items can be obtained when gathering / mining / logging during the event period!

- 50% chance to obtain an additional item when gathering / mining / logging.


EVENT 4. For a higher level!

A buff that increases the XP obtained from defeating monsters in the event regions is supported!
- PvE Combat XP +50% in Carzacor / Navarra / Gnoll Wastes / Tristezza

※ Notes
- If an unexpected issue occurred during the event period, the event rewards may be changed or the event may be finished earlier.

Thank you.

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