Mar 25, 2021 08:00 (UTC)

Bless Unleashed: Awakened #3 Content

We’re back again! 


Today, we will be introducing the third update topic: “Field and Dungeon Content”.


These two pieces of content have constantly been refined since the first CBT including re-positioning quest targets and recently adding a new dungeon/battlefield matching system, as well as reinforcing the power of elite monsters.


Keep on reading to check out the upcoming changes.



New NPC’s in the Field & Reinforced Elite Monsters


1) New Characters

Ranging from low to high levels, new characters will be added!


These characters will often appear while users follow the field’s storyline, depending on their interests and stories.


Small citizens who steadfastly chase powerful enemies, explorers who are caught up in all kinds of accidents but never lose their humor, and delightful geek wizards will appear to help users on their adventures!


In addition, a mysterious existence that has taught visionary combat skills over the years will appear in front of users in the future.


Some characters will test users so they can grow, while others will be the other way around where users will see the character’s grow. No matter what kind of character users meet, they will learn the secrets of the Bless World and advance once more.


Thus, users will be able to meet these characters while exploring the world of Bless and experience change as well as growth.


2) A Smoother Quest Flow


The development team felt the need to refine the quest flow and movement of users completing the quests through the last CBT.


Accordingly, we have refined quests that were inconvenient to the existing quest lines so that the episode quest does not interfere with the user following the main quest.


In addition, we reviewed the main quests with a high dropout rate and reinforced them as follows.

  • Strengthened path guidance
  • Improved mobility
  • Improved quest difficulty


We will continue to improve the quality of quests in consideration of user experience. Our goal is to have a strong and interesting unique main quest line that carries users from level 1 to the cap. These changes will help this become a reality.


3) Stolen Legacy Episode Quests


In the Kannus Mountains, there lies Haratata the Mountain King, an ancient veiled creature. Users will be offering sacrifices to Haratata, to help the descendants of Herbati, a traditional tribe living in the Kannus Mountains.


Dig into the secrets of Haratata’s long-time helper to the Herbati tribe and beyond! We’re excited to see what players think of this new side quest line.


4) Elite Monster Enhancements

A dimensional rift created after the opening of the Nightspire. Daidans who want to stir up chaos in this world are letting their power flow through this rift. This power has been brought together by powerful monsters containing great chaos, making them even more stronger than before.


Not only did the Daidans let their power flow, but they also blessed the most powerful beings among themselves. Although the attempt is not always successful due to the small gap of the dimensional rift, some elite monsters are intermittently blessed by Daidans and appear with more threatening energy.


The heart of the field boss is where the seed of this blessing is planted.


This seed, which feeds on anger, will sprout after a certain period of time, making field bosses berserk, and becoming more powerful while threatening players.


Dungeon & Battlefield 


5) Dungeon and Battlefield Multi-Matching System


We realized many users want to go on multiple adventures and explore the open world of Bless Unleashed.

Thus, we would like to deliver good news to users who have spent a lot of time waiting for other users with the same goal and intentions.


Our user’s time is extremely precious to us as well. To help users focus on the world of Bless Unleashed, meet more friends, and go on adventures comfortably and quickly, users can now simultaneously apply for matching in multiple dungeons and battlefields. 


Basically, users can now queue up for many dungeons and battlefields, and enter the first one that pops up.


6) Adjustment of Dungeon Difficulty 


There are many dungeons in the world of Bless. In the process of creating, unexpected monsters are born.


Through various experiences, we realized some dungeons are neglected, and some dungeons are highlighted. As time passed, we made more various attempts to provide dungeons that could challenge high-end users, resulting in some duo challenges becoming more difficult than 5-player dungeons.


Therefore, the development team realized the need to adjust the difficulty level.


In order to reduce the difference in difficulty between dungeons of the same grade and clarify the difficulty difference by grade, we revised the balance and adjusted the means and number of resurrection within the dungeon.

Although it may be difficult to achieve our goals all at once, we will consistently continue to adjust the difficulty in this direction in the future.



There are additional plans for quests and dungeons in the future, and the development team thought it would be more significant for many users to experience these in time for the official launch.


Thus, we plan to continuously review user progress and feedback, not only to improve convenience, but also to upgrade the story of Bless Unleashed between the field and the dungeon, and to continue strengthening PVE, the merit of MMORPG field content.


Please note that more details about these update topics will be shared in the near future.


Thank you.


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