Mar 18, 2021 08:00 (UTC)

Bless Unleashed: Awakened #2 UI/UX & System

Today, we will be introducing the second update topic in regards to the “UI/UX and System”.


Many users have been extremely curious in regards to UI/UX updates so we believe this will be an intriguing post.


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Keep on reading to check out how the UI/UX is planning to change!


UI/UX Enhancements for Upgraded PC Optimization


The Round8 development team is working extremely hard to provide various conveniences in terms of Bless Unleashed PC’s gameplay environment.


This is a result of the difference between a console and PC platform, and includes addition and improvement of features that may be helpful for game play that have not been considered before. With these improvements, we expect users who have previously experienced the game as well as first time users to be able to play in a more comfortable PC environment.


1) Operation Improvements


Since Bless Unleashed PC is built on the basis of a console service, many components are geared towards operating using a gamepad.


Through several development discussions and tests, we realized that a simple conversion was not enough to provide sufficient operational convenience, and are currently improving many aspects so users who enjoy games using the keyboard and mouse can enjoy the game in a more comfortable manner.


The inconvenience of having to use both the keyboard and mouse when navigating through the system menu has been improved so that the majority of operation can be done with just the mouse, and the use of the mouse cursor can be more intuitive.


  • Ex) In the previous CBT, users had to switch windows using a separate keyboard button in order to check their bag status in the store UI. In this update, improvements have been made so that users can easily switch windows with a simple mouse click.


※ Draft under development.


The convenience of the Hold (a long press) operation is also being improved.


Previously, the Hold operation was used to prevent mistakes or the need to make important decisions, and there were no specific inconveniences when operating with a gamepad. However, in the PC environment, we recognized that it is particularly inconvenient to operate Hold using the mouse.


Although it is difficult to completely delete the Hold operation itself, improvements are being made in the following directions.


1. Review deleting operations that do not require Hold 

2. Adjust time reduction if Hold time is set to be unnecessarily long

3. Strengthen the expression for easier distinction between pressing once and operating Hold


Representatively, when purchasing items in the store, the Hold operation was necessary. However, this has been modified to be possible without having to Hold!


※ Draft under development.


Although these changes may not seem large, users will be able to feel the improvements more naturally when directly playing the game.


2) UI Improvements


This upcoming Bless Unleashed PC update is not just a mere improvement to better fit the PC platform. In order to make the game more convenient, we are conducting various important changes that haven’t been made before in the live service.


A representative change is that the number of quests that can be simultaneously shown in the quest list on the right side of the screen will be increased. This was one of the main feedback given by users, so we expect it to be a huge boost to the convenience of game play.


In addition, a semi-transparent map function will be added so users can conveniently check the map while navigating through the game. Moreover, although previously it was difficult to check the tooltip when the icons were overlaid on the world map, there will be improvements such as adding a button to help facilitate this.


※ Draft under development.


In relation, a UI that allows the user to quickly and easily check the various effects being applied to the character is under further development. 


Communication devices will also be added!


We believe that convenience functions for communication are necessary to stimulate exciting action combat play. Therefore, an emoticon system will be added to increase the expression of emotions in a quick manner. By preparing various emoticons, users will be able to communicate quickly without having to use the chat.

※ Draft under development.


Moreover, we realize that when various texts are displayed in the chat window, it is difficult to see a specific message that the user wants. This has been improved so users can avoid viewing contents they do not want to necessarily see by adding a chat custom function that allows them to select and view only the contents they choose to see.



The Round8 development team understands the importance of controls and UI and are consistently working to better improve the game so users can have a satisfied gaming experience.


We hope you enjoyed this post and hope to see you in the next Bless Unleashed PC update news coming in the following week.


Thank you.


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