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Bless Unleashed PC: Awakened Update PREVIEW!!

First, we would like to thank everyone for their interest in the upcoming Bless Unleashed PC Final Test happening from May 12th - May 16th (PDT) / May 13th - May 17th (CEST).


Today, we’ll be visually diving into the main update topics that users can experience during the Final Test.


Keep on reading to check out the updates below!


Moreover, please note that anyone can participate in the upcoming Final Test through the Steam Playtest function, so please head on over to the Final Test participation guide for further details.


[Bless Unleashed PC Final Test Participation Guide]


Let’s get started! 



“Enhanced Combat Through the Updated Skill System”

The development team is constantly working to provide a more unique and dynamic combat experience depending on the skills of each class and blessings, while providing a fundamental change in the combat system.


As mentioned in the previous posts, through this update, each blessing will have a unique combat mechanism, and character operation will differ based on the equipped blessings. Moreover, skills can be acquired through character level regardless of blessings. Users can expect an updated combat system through the diverse combination of skills and combos.


Updated Blessings

The updated blessings will each have unique buffs that can be strengthened as the level increases. 


Experience a smoother combat flow even after using dodge!

Through this update, the combo phase will not break even when using dodge in the midst of a combo. This change will be applied equally to specific skills, and we believe users will be able to experience an even smoother combat flow than before.


[Crusader - Combo / Dodge / Skill Combination]



“Further Improved UI/UX for PC Optimization”


1) Control Improvements 

Because Bless Unleashed PC was developed based on a console service, we felt a need to further improve the operational convenience to be better suited for PC users using the keyboard and mouse.

For example, users previously had to use both the keyboard and mouse when navigating through the menu. Through this update, the menu has been improved so that the majority of operation can be done with just the mouse. We plan to further improve PC optimization by allowing more operations to be done with the use of the mouse.


[Improved mouse utilization in the store UI - switch windows using the mouse]

In addition, the Hold (long press) operation has been further improved. We recognized that using the mouse for the Hold operation was extremely inconvenient in the PC environment, and although it is difficult to delete the Hold operation entirely, we are working to improve this operation in the following ways.


[Shortened duration of the Hold button / Addition of the Hold button description]


2) UI/UX Improvements

We are also constantly working to improve the UI/UX. For example, a translucent map function will be added so users can easily check the map while on the go. Furthermore, although previously it was difficult to check the tooltip when the icons were overlaid on the world map, this issue has been improved by the addition of a new button as shown below.

[World Map Icons]


[Translucent Map]

Moreover, please refer to the following for more details on various updates.

* UI that allows users to quickly and easily check the various effects applied to the character

* Addition of communication devices

- Various communication systems will be provided to enable accurate communication during urgent combat situations

* Addition of an emoticon system 

* Modified the issue of missing certain messages through the display of too many messages in the chat window

- Addition of a chat custom function that allows users to select and view only the contents they choose to see

* View shortcut keys through the F8 button 

* Addition of a HUD hide function 

- F7 shortcut key 

* Addition of a screenshot function

- F9 shortcut key







[Chat Custom Function]



“New Field Elite Monsters and Bosses”


1) Emergence of Twisted Bosses!


Through this update, Twisted Field Bosses that are similar in appearance to the regular Bosses but have stronger and different patterns have been added. Additional effects such as debuff and area damage are added making the Bosses much more difficult to defeat as well as summoning minions to create a confusing combat experience.

These Twisted Bosses appear with a very low probability in the same location as the regular Field Bosses, and if not cleared for a certain period of time, disappear with the reappearance of the existing Bosses. Clear these Bosses to receive even better rewards!

Please refer to the images and GIFs below to see the upcoming Twisted Field Bosses users can meet during the Final Test.


[Harpy Queen]

[Twisted Harpy Queen]


[Twisted Harpy Queen Combat Scene]



[Twisted Bashal]


[Twisted Bashal Combat Scene]


[Grasslands Giant]

[Twisted Grasslands Giant]


[Twisted Grasslands Giant Combat Scene]


2) Field Elite Monsters

Like the presence of the powerful Twisted Field Bosses, existing Elite Monsters have also been updated with special attack patterns and stronger powers. These Field Elite Monsters with various attack patterns will create a more dynamic and fun combat experience. In addition, we believe that the combination of the updated skills and combos will create an even better synergy during combat.



“Updated Dungeon and Matching System”


1) Dungeon Multi Matching System 


It’s finally here! For faster matching, users can now queue up for many dungeons simultaneously. 


We believe that through this multi matching system, users will be able to experience diverse dungeon contents quicker and easier. 


[Dungeon Multi Matching System UI]



“Other Upcoming Changes”


1) Improvement of the Lock-on Function

The lock-on function has been improved so that users can play with a more convenient viewpoint than before. 


Before #1. Problems approaching after locking on a large monster




Before #2. Rapid camera change according to the movement of the lock-on target




After observing these inconveniences, the lock-on function has been improved so the camera is more stable during the movement of the lock-on target.

Users can check out this improved lock-on function during the Final Test and undergo a better combat experience.



We hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Please note that these are just a few of the many changes and improvements to come, and you can directly experience these changes during the Final Test from May 12th - May 16th (PDT) / May 13th - May 17th (CEST).


Lastly, make sure to check out the previous posts on these improvements if you haven’t already.


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