Jun 03, 2021 08:00 (UTC)


Dear Bless Unleashed PC community,



I sincerely hope that all of our players are doing well!



First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the approx. 400,000 users who participated in our recent Bless Unleashed PC Final Test. Through this opportunity we were able to hear directly from our players and obtain diverse feedback.


While going over the community's feedback, I thought it would be best to update our player base on what is going on behind the scenes here at Round 8 Studio.


With that being said, I would like to briefly explain some key developments that are being made, and what our players can expect at official launch.




1. UI/UX Layout Improvements


The initial UI/UX layout was designed for the console platform and therefore not optimized for PC, which led to complicated and challenging character controls for PC players.


Currently, it is proving to be difficult to redesign the current framework and also be fully optimized for PC.


However, vast changes and improvements are underway to reduce and remove any aspects that contributed to the confusion or interfered with the overall gameplay experience.


Just to note a few of the many changes that our players can expect, there will now be an option to switch channels from the current layout depth, and frequently used functionalities such as the 'Friends/Party' menu will be more easily accessible.


The studio is preparing to make all the necessary improvements and is aiming to remove any obstacles that will interfere with gameplay by our official launch.




2. Quality of Life and In-game Guidance Improvements


A great example would be numerical skill cooldown representation for easier cooldown assessment and management during combat, or adjusting the number of quests displayed on the screen to create a more quest-oriented/focused environment.


Additional modifications such as revamping early-game content so that new players can quickly adapt to the game will help accentuate early player progression and experience. This not only pertains to in-game but also outside of the game in our game guide sections on our homepage.




3. Overall Combat Experience Improvements


Our unique combat system (considered to be the core element that makes up Bless Unleashed PC), will be continuously improved so players can hope to experience dynamic features at the time of our launch.


Improvements include drastic combo changes in certain classes, and bolstering the skill-combo link mechanism. Players can expect to see more fluidity with combo/skill connections with the expansion and improvement of the combat system.


Furthermore, we plan to deliver the unique combat experience of Bless Unleashed PC beginning from the early parts of the game. To offer a new and stimulating experience, balance adjustments and changes such as reducing the skill animation time, increasing the number of mobs that players can attack, and even reworking attack patterns of certain Unique Field Bosses will be made.




4. Well-rounded Game Environment for Immersive Gameplay


Revamping in-game profanity filters, character name policies, and restructuring the player/region restriction to provide a respectable game environment so that players only have to focus on the gameplay itself, and nothing more. Our players will be provided with a safe, and respectable game service/support to maintain focus on the game itself without disruptions.


Round 8 Studio is determined to communicate in complete transparency and is devoted to sharing upcoming changes and improvements that our players can expect in future Dev's Discussions blog.



Last but not least, the most important topic of all, the official launch date of Bless Unleashed PC.


Upon numerous discussions, it was decided that the release date for Bless Unleashed PC will be pushed back until necessary improvements and further in-game polishing is complete.


The studio aims to have the additional developments completed by mid-July, and have high hopes that we will be launch-ready in time for the summer season.


As always, the studio extends its thanks and support to our dedicated Bless Unleashed PC community and can't wait to share some exciting news in the near future.


On behalf of all of us here at Round 8 Studio,



Thank you.


Koven Park, Head of Development. Bless Unleashed PC

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