Oct 30, 2020 07:00 (UTC)

[Update] Steam CBT Registration Extension & Test Key Distribution


The Stress CBT registration period has been extended to November 2nd, 2020.
If you have not registered, do not miss the extended opportunity!


Since the registration has been extended, the dates for the Test Key distribution and other events are listed below.
Once the key has been registered in the Steam Library, you may start the pre-download process of the client.


■ Extension of Steam CBT Registration


■ Test Key Distribution

  • Due to the registration extension, the Test Key will be distributed in two group.
  • Key Distribution
    • 1st Group: The distribution starts on Nov. 3th for the winners who registered by Oct. 30th.
    • 2nd Group: The distribution starts on Oct. 30th for the winners who registered by Oct. 29th.


■ Final Schedule of Steam CBT

  • The Closed Beta Testing duration are as follow,
    • UTC: 11/5(Thu) AM 00:00 ~ 11/8(Sun) PM 23:59
    • PST: 11/4(Wed) PM 16:00 ~ 11/8(Sun) PM 15:59
    • CET: 11/5(Thu) AM 01:00 ~ 11/9(Mon) AM 00:59


■ Pre-download

  • Pre-download is available once the Steam Test Key has been successfully registered.
  • For smoother testing, we encourage our players to start the pre-download as early as possible.


  1.  Login to Steam > "Games" in menu > "Activate a Product on Steam"
  2.  Input Steam Key on Product Activation window.
  3.  Once the Steam Key has been successfully registered, Bless Unleashed will be added in the Library.
  4.  Select Bless Unleashed and click "Install". Run the launcher and download the client.

For questions and inquiries regarding Steam Closed Beta, visit our Discord channel.


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