Nov 02, 2020 07:00 (UTC)

[Update] Steam CBT Operation


The testing duration for the upcoming Steam CBT is set for Nov. 5th ~ Nov. 8th, a total of 4 days.


Three servers (North America, Europe, Asia) will be available during the beta test.
The test is available worldwide so please make sure to check the correct timezones.


It is highly encouraged to start the pre-download process as early as possible for a smoother testing experience.

Additional download may occur at the start of the Closed Beta.

*Please note that Stress Test Participants can reuse their Beta Keys without registrating again. A reminder email has been sent out to those who previously signed up for the Stress Test. 


■ Final Schedule of Steam CBT & Pre-download Instructions

■ Steam CBT Rewards
1) Participation Rewards

  • “Golden Hyaenodon”, special in-game mount only for CBT participants
  • In-game Title, “Breaker of Games”
    • Mount, Title, and Valor Perks will be provided upon the official launch.

2) Rewards for linking the Steam account to the Bless Unleashed PC website.

  • 7 Day Valor Perks (In-game item)
  • Ticket for Bless Unleashed Official Platform CBT x 2


■ Support
1) FAQ & Game Guide

  • FAQ and Game Guides regarding the Steam CBT can be found on the official Support page of Bless Unleashed PC.
  • If you have any questions or inquiries, please refer to the FAQ and Game Guides available


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