Nov 02, 2020 08:00 (UTC)

Steam CBT - Video Contest


Developed using Unreal Engine 4, Bless Unleashed is finally here on PC!
Show off your creativity and talents during the Closed Beta Testing period at a chance to win 50$ to your Steam Wallet!


A total of 10 players will be selected and the videos will be uploaded to our official channels for the whole world to see!
Check below for more info and see everyone in Closed Beta!


■ Event Schedule

  •  November 5th through November 15th



  • Upload the coolest Field Boss kills during the Closed Beta at a chance to win 50$

■How to participate

  1. Must upload a video of defeating a field boss of your choice during the Closed Beta testing duration. 
  2. The video must be uploaded to your personal youtube and then proceed to share the link in our Steam Community HUB > Video.
    • The video title must have [Steam CBT Event] Tag 
    • Video duration is a minimum of 30 seconds and no more than 5 mins.
    • Video quality must be minimum 1280×720P and ratio of minimum 16:9.



  • Failure to comply with the method of participation may result in exclusion from participating in the event.
  • Participating in an event inappropriately may result in cancellation.
  • Participation may be excluded if there are elements in the video that are against social norms, such as sensationalism and violence.
  • You may upload multiple videos, but the prize will be one per person.
  • Participation in the event may be excluded if another person's video was used or in violation of copyright law, and civil and criminal liability for the dispute shall lie with the applicant.
  • All copyrights (including secondary copyrights and edits and copyrights) of the video participating in the event are owned by Neowiz.
  • Event winners will be announced and rewarded in a separate notice at a later date.
  • The video of participating in the event can be used for future channels and marketing advertising held by Neowiz, regardless of the award.
  • Depending on the results of the event screening, there may be no winners selected.
  • To submit your video head on over to the Community Videos section on the Bless Unleashed Steam Page: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1254120/videos/?p=1&browsefilter=trendweek (You can read how to upload videos to steam here: https://blessunleashedpc.oqupie.com/portals/907/articles/19901)
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